No, not me personally! The first Cyn & Raphael e-novella!! And here’s the cover. I love Raphael’s sexy hand. I have a weakness for men with beautiful hands. Plus, you can’t see it here, ‘cuz I don’t have the hi rez image yet, but Raphael’s eyes are black with a silver spark. So pretty.

Don’t forget, the release date is August 15, although some reviewers are already reading it, and the reports are good so far.
Okay, now that the big news is done with, let me say I’m typing this from my desktop computer, which is a pain in the butt! My network router is having a nervous breakdown, so I’ve had to abandon my comfy chair and laptop, and work in my home office in order to connect directly to my modem. Argh! I don’t have the time or inclination at 1:00 in the morning to diagnose the damn router problem. So I bit the bullet and moved in here. Stupid router.
On the plus side, I managed to post several reviews this week! Of course, now I’ve read even more books, so I have more reviews to post, but at least the review pile’s getting shorter. You can check out the latest reviews under the WHAT I’M READING NOW tab above, or on my bookshelf at GOODREADS.COM.
On the big screen … I didn’t see any movies this week. Or last week either. I will definitely be seeing Dark Knight Rising very soon, and I can hardly wait for Bourne Legacy! I loved the Matt Damon Bourne movies, and Jeremy Renner is one of my favorite actors.
On the small screen, aka television, I watched with bated breath tonight as the JPL rover Curiosity touched down on Mars!! I was in geek heaven, watching it on a live feed from JPL. It landed perfectly, and we saw thumbnail images almost immediately. There was much geek hugging and kissing in the control center. It was a beautiful thing. You can check it out yourself at the JPL/NASA website
More small screen news and reviews … I watched last week’s (July 30) episode of TRUE BLOOD, and this is my report … (1) watching the Alcide sex scene … Sookie doesn’t know what she missed. Hot, hot, hot!!! (2) Bill is (as I’ve always known) a wimp. One minute he’s all “I won’t be bullied into killing the mother of a child (in a southern accent, of course,) and the next he’s all “outta my way, Salome, gimme some neck!!” WTF? (3) Eric is the only rational one, and how wrong is that? Eric’s supposed to be a crazy, bloodthirsty Viking, not the only sane vampire in the room!
Now, my next comments relate to both last week and this week. First, I am SO glad that the Terry and the Ifrit storyline is OVER! Didn’t care then, don’t care now! I am glad, however, that at least Lafayette made some money on the deal. LOL And as for the creature who killed Sookie’s parents … Am I the only one who thought Claudine was yelling “Waldo” instead of “Warlow?” And I was thinking, Well, THAT’s where he’s been all this time!”
But mostly, as I watched this week’s episode with the gory, charred looking Lilith and still boring, but bloodthirsty Bill, and naked guys on lit-from-below tables being eaten alive, and pigs and Bud Dearborn and Fangtasia going to hell … and all I could think was … What the hell happened to this show? This is kind of like Season 2 when they went nuts with Mariann and the naked middle-aged orgies, which had no place in the books. I’m having trouble figuring out a reason to keep watching at this point. If not for my DVR, I wouldn’t watch at all.
Not all is lost in TV land, however. Well, not for a couple of weeks anyway. LONGMIRE returned this week, but it only has one more episode to go, which is sad. FALLING SKIES came back, too. I’m not sure how many episodes they have left, but in this week, they reached Charleston, and contrary to expectations, all is not lost. Well, except for the harnessed little girl who lost her guardian and now … who the heck knows? Is she connected, is she not? She’s definitely in dire need of a good manicure!
Okay, that’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week with a new contest to celebrate my 700th Facebook friend! In the meantime, be sure and mark your calendars for August 15 and BETRAYED, and I’ll see you next Sunday.

13 thoughts on “BETRAYED!”

  1. Love this and agree with it all, =) especially Eric being the only sane one atm. Oh, and The Dark Knight Rises? *squee* it was awesome, i loved it and didn´t think it could be better than the last one, but it was. Bane was scary and Catwoman was awesome =) i´d like to see it again asap..
    Can´t wait for Betrayed, looking forward to it.
    best wishes & Happy Monday!

  2. You nailed it square on the head with True Blood. The Alcide love scene was something to behold. Sookie you fool!!! Salome and the Authority….well I”ll leave it at that. Bill has lost my respect, Eric has gained it. Love the way Pam is handling Tara and so glad Sam and Luna have finally come to their senses. Russell and the sissy Newlin taking Emma is totally off the rails, in a bad way. No doubt Newlin will take Talbot’s place as Russell’s bitch. Warlow, now not sure about that story line. I think it is a hybrid fae/vamp.

    Can’t wait for Betrayed! Have a good day!!

  3. I watch TrueBlood every season, and every season (excepting season 1) I’ve been saying WTF! But I keep watching like its a drug.

    Looking forward to Betrayed.

    I’m hoping to catch the Mars landing on the news.

  4. Is there a blurb anywhere on your site for Betrayed?

    Loved all your other vampire books. 🙂

    Seen Dark Knight Rises twice so far. Seriously thinking about going again. It’s that good.

    1. I’m putting up the page and blurb tonight (assuming I can get the damn router working), but you can see it HERE on GoodReads!


  5. Is it wrong to only watch True Blood in the hopes of seeing another Alcide sex scene? The growling alone….
    On the other end of the spectrum is Russell. I thought he would breathe some life into this season. I actually cheered when I knew that he was coming back. Right now, I could easily edit him out and feel no loss.

    If HBO comes knocking on your door, please don’t sign anything without script approval.

    Have a great week!

    1. Ha! I work in the business, and they rarely give script approval to authors. Clearly Charlaine Harris didn’t get any and she’s way bigger than I am. I wonder sometimes what she thinks or if she even watches the show. In her shoes, I’d be bleeding for my characters and probably have turned it off long ago. Of course, she’s making loads of money from it, so there’s some consolation.

      And I agree with you about Russell. When they took Emma? I thought the producers crossed a line. It’s one thing to kidnap adults, it’s a whole ‘nothing thing to abuse children.

  6. Hello, I’m counting down now until the 15th. Woo Hoo!

    I was just having a scroll through Amazon Kindle Store looking for something to read this weekend. Ms Reynolds go into Amazon & search Vampire Dreams by Gabrielle Bissett.

    I’m sorry, but check out the cover???



  7. Ok, 1) I can’t wait for Betrayed & it is on my to-buy list for next week

    2) I completely agree with everything you have said about True Blood. I used to count down the hours on Sunday until it came on, but now I just watch it on HBO Go whenever I get around to it. I get why they want to make the show different than the book, but I think this season is a bit of an over kill…much like season 2. it’s disappointing to say the least.

    3) I think HBO should just cancel True Blood & start a new series about your books. Apart from Alcide (yummy) I’d much rather see Ralael, Raj & Duncan (I’m sure Lucas too) naked than Bill & Eric, at this point. One can only dream. lol


    1. I wouldn’t turn HBO down if they came knocking on my door! Maybe we could get Joe Manganiello (Alcide) to color/cut his hair and then he could be Raj! LOL

  8. You’re a better woman than i. i gave up on True Blood after season 2 when it took off on its own – and not in a good way. What do they need Charlaine Harris for? They took her characters and wrote a new book. I watched a show this season just to see how it was going and discovered that I really don’t like these people – they seem to have lost all of the qualities that made me care what happened to them in the books. If HBO does come knocking, negotiate for better control than Charlaine seems to have.

  9. Can’t wait for the 15th! More Raphael & Cyn is always a good thing. 🙂 Plus it will hold me over until Oct. LOL Why can’t I pre-order this on Amazon?

    Oh and I agree about True Blood, some of the story lines are just too out there. I agree with another reviewer, I don’t care for the characters as much as I used to. Except of course for the Alcide sex scenes!! 😉

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