My week was devoted to RWA’s National Conference. Getting ready for it, fighting traffic to get there (groan) and BEING THERE! It was terrific.
First, there was the Literacy Signing, and so many of my readers came by to say “Hi!” Of course, most of you already had the books, but a few bought autographed print versions, so I did my part for the fundraising. It was so nice to meet so many readers, both at the signing and in other Con events, so many of you I “see” here and on Goodreads, and to meet you in person was lovely. Lynn Marshall, who was sitting next to me at the Signing, commented how enthusiastic my readers were and how much they loved the books! And I couldn’t agree more. I’m a lucky, lucky writer to have such wonderful readers!
I have a couple of pictures from the Signing, too. First up is me and Stephanie from PARANORMAL HAVEN. Steph and Athenna have hosted me at the Haven many times, and I was so happy to finally meet Stephanie in person.
And then … one of my personal favorite authors, the oh so talented Nalini Singh, was signing just a few feet away, so I dropped by to tell her how much I love her books and grab a picture.

I met so many talented writers, including the lovely Morgan Ashbury—who happens to be a fellow member of Kelley Armstrong’s OWG—and I spoke with agents and editors and booksellers, and even hostage negotiator, Lt. Michael Woodcock who gave a very informative workshop along with his wife, the bestselling author, Angela Knight. And I won the giveaway ARC of Angela’s forthcoming book, too! I took lots of notes, so now I need to write a story with that scenario in it!
So, yes, it was great. But so was coming home at last. I was ready to sleep for a day! Unfortunately, there was laundry to do. LOL But it’s still nice to be home and not have to face L.A. traffic for a while.
Believe it or not, I didn’t watch this week’s TRUE BLOOD yet! I just haven’t had time to catch up on TV shows. They’re waiting on my DVR for me, though, so I will watch them and report later. Speaking of TV shows, THE KILLING, which I really enjoyed, but which lost A LOT of viewers when it didn’t reveal Rosie’s killer until the end of Season 2, will NOT be coming back for a third season. The way they ended Season 2 was a big clue, but there really wasn’t anywhere for them to go with Season 3. And my favorites LONGMIRE and FALLING SKIES both took a break for the Olympics.
Now, back to Vampires in America … I still don’t have a cover for the first CYN/RAPHAEL e-novella. My artist had a family crisis that had to take precedence. The cover’s almost done, but not quite. I do however have a title … and a release date!! BETRAYED will release on AUGUST 15th. So, just a couple of weeks and you’ll have a brand new Cyn/Raphael e-novella to read!! And I’ll be doing some promo with giveaways, which I’ll announce before then.
Well, that’s it for this week. I will watch TRUE BLOOD and let you know what I think so far. And I will try very hard to get some book reviews up, now that the crush of RWA is over with.
See you back here next week!



  1. Yea! Only 2 weeks to wait for Cyn and Raphael. I have to catch TB later this week as well. I’ve been watching the Olympics.
    Have a great week!

  2. Love the title “Betrayed” so excited to read!! I was camping this past weekend so I missed sunday episode of True Blood. I hate to say it but I’m started to like Tara again!!! Have a great week.

  3. ms reynoolds can,t see to good but when is lucas cooming out ? i rapheal is hot as the firews of hell to me and he will alaways hold that specical place in my heart . but i d like to iake a bite of lucas,s ass he looks so yummy i think this this book will be your greatest yet hell the vamp looks good enough to eat and im hungry lol and please send this half blind cow a book mark og that hunk . and thank you so much for the others. and speaking of tv when are you goind to bring vampire in america to the screen??? i bet my life you could do it?

    1. Hi Johnny, LUCAS will be out in October. I don’t have a bookmark for him yet, though I might do one with both the LUCAS and BETRAYED covers. We’ll see. As for TV … I’m waiting for Hollywood to call me! LOL

  4. ms reynolds i may yet get to have eye surgrey wish me luck cause i,m scared to death . but i want to see u no. i really think u could do better than tb . and vampire daries . i have not heard of this book with cyn and rap is this a full book? and ha,ll do people get to read these book for free? that i have read on amazon that some folks get to read your books for free ??????
    johnny aka vampire

    1. Hi Johnny, good luck with your eye surgery. The new Cyn & Raphael story is a brand new e-novella that will come out on August 15. And about the books … my writing partners read my books before anyone else, of course. And several reviewers and review bloggers receive complimentary copies so they can do their reviews. Other than that, I do hold contests and do interview giveaways with almost every book. 🙂

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