Just a reminder that this is from the first draft document. It hasn’t been edited, and my publisher hasn’t even read it yet, so there might be changes before it sees the actual pages of a book.

This is from Francesca’s POV. Another vampire has just pointed out Aden to her, and she’s taking a longer look.

So, here you go. I’d like you to meet … Aden.

Even in a room filled with handsome men, Aden stood out. He was beautiful and wild looking, an untamed beast who’d donned a tuxedo for the night, the elegant clothing nothing but a thin veneer of civility—one that was barely managing to contain his savagery as he scanned the gathering, a predator sizing up his prey. Francesca watched him warily, and somehow knew that he was a single breath away from ripping out someone’s throat.

She glanced away, then back, and caught him staring at her. She shifted her gaze quickly, but not before she saw that he hadn’t bothered to do the same. He was watching her unabashedly, his eyes so dark that at first she’d thought they were black. But then the light caught them just right and she realized they were simply the deepest dark blue, and curtained by thick, black lashes that flirted with his sharp cheekbones with every lazy blink. His wavy hair was as black as his lashes, a little too long and curling above the stiff white collar of his shirt. He had a sexy mouth, full and soft-looking, but saved from pure sensuality by the touch of cruelty that was tilting his lips into a small smile as he eyed her approach. She closed the final few steps between them and stopped, shocked, now that she was closer to him, at how big he really was. Not just tall, though he was well over six foot, but with broad shoulders and a deep chest that hinted at plenty of muscle mass underneath that designer tux.

She drew a breath and plunged ahead. “Lord Aden,” she greeted him, going with her most friendly and upfront approach.

He raised a single eyebrow. She waited for him to do more, to say something, anything, to ask how she knew his name, if nothing else. But the eyebrow was the only reaction she got.

Francesca gave a careless shrug. “I do my homework like any other reporter,” she said, pretending he’d actually asked the question. “I asked my sources which vampire was the most likely to win this … whatever you call it,” she said gesturing at the gathering of vampires, “and your name was the only one that came up.”

He regarded her a moment longer, then his gaze dropped in a typical male response and did a quick toe to chest scan, starting with her Louboutin peep-toe pumps, which were far too cold for a Chicago winter, raking up silk-clad legs and taking in her short, form-fitting knit sheath, with its bare shoulders and arms, and ending with a sneering glance at a neckline so high that it nearly met her chin.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Reid?” he asked, his voice a deep growl of sound that had her heart kicking into high gear even before she’d processed what he’d said.

Her eyes flashed to his face. “How do you know—”

He laughed, and it wasn’t a happy sound. “You played Travis for two weeks to get in here. I created him two decades before you were born. Do you really think he’d bring a human around without my permission? I do my homework, too. ”

Enjoy, and I’ll see you next week. 🙂


8 thoughts on “AS PROMISED … ADEN”

  1. Nice Teaser ! Thanks…… most enjoyable and we all love these dribbles of your much anticipated book. I

  2. I adore each and everyone of your Vampire Lords and I have stalked the book sites waiting for news of each new release. Do you have any idea when this Fall Aden and Francesca will be coming to live on my iPad? I actually have an electronic calendar to keep track of my independent authors upcoming releases so I don’t miss their launch dates and can bug my friends about reading their backlist since I can’t preorder like I do with many other books on my MUST have list.

    Hope the 100 books is going well. I buy between 30 to 50 books a month so my reading list will probably hit a 100 some time in March, I expect. I tear through books like a pack of wolverines on a defenseless rabbit, I’m afraid. Luckily I love to reread my favorites. I have reread Raphael three times, and then i reread your entire series prior to the release of Lucas.

  3. This sounds so intriguing, D.B. I keep saying with each successive book, “Oh, this is got to be my favorite,” …until your next one comes out. Am I fickle or what??? As usual, I can’t wait for your next book to arrive on my Kindle.

    Where do you get your ideas? Your imagination must run overtime. Do you dream of alpha male vampires when you sleep at night? Wow, wish that would happen to me. :^)

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