If you’ve read my books, you know that my answer to the above question is, “YES!” Or close enough. My vamps don’t permit themselves to be studied by science. In fact, they’re quite violent about stopping it. But we know this much — they’re definitely not dead. And what little study has been done tells us they’re infected with something like a symbiotic virus. So I found it amusing when I saw this headline on recently, with a very scientific discussion of the subject (you’ll have to wait through the commercial.)


But let’s leave science behind for now, and move on to the fun stuff. (Yeah, yeah, I know, some science is fun. I’m a geek, too.) First up … audio books. I’ve had quite a few requests for audio versions of my books, and my publisher has asked me to ask you to go to Amazon and click. Not just any click, but on the button that says you’d like to see (or hear) an audio version of the books. Amazon’s a quirky place, though. Sometimes they have the request link, and sometimes they don’t. But the image below is what you’re looking for. Click the “tell us” link at the beginning of the paragraph. If you get a chance, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

FireShot Screen Capture #010 - 'Sophia_ D_ B_ Reynolds_ 9781610260497_ Amazon_com_ Books' - www_amazon_com_Sophia-D-B-Reynolds_dp_161026049X

More fun this month at The Romance Reviews. They’re celebrating their 2nd Anniversary with a big party. Daily giveaways and a Grand Prize, too. I’ll be featured this Thursday, March 7.

Romance Reviews 2013 Anni

I’m writing away every day and night. Aden’s story is developing, but so is Cyn and Raphael’s since I’m writing their next e-novella at the same time. Cyn and Kathryn are having some fun at the expense of certain vampire lords. You just knew those two were going to cause trouble, right? And if you didn’t, Raphael surely did. But it’s the guys’ fault for falling in love with strong women. They can’t be kept down! Mwahahahahaha!

My 100 book challenge continues apace. I’ve updated the list and I’m well on target. I owe GoodReads some reviews. I’ll try to get to those in the next couple of days. Maybe even tonight. Movies — I haven’t been out, since I’m hiding in my writer’s cave, but I did manage to watch Paranormal Activity while I exercised – pretty creepy, I must say. I’d already seen PA2, so was up to speed on that. And then moved on to PA3, which I didn’t think was as good, at least partly because there were continuity errors between it and PA’s 1 and 2. Different writer, I think. TELEVISION — JUSTIFIED continues to make me happy, although I’d be happier if there was a lot more Raylan on camera! >:( .. SUPERNATURAL has returned to its roots, with the Winchesters chasing monsters together, and GRIMM comes back this week! Yay!

All right, back to work, work, work. Someone’s gotta keep Cyn and Kathryn in line.



  1. I’m very excited about the release of Aden’s story, but even more so for the next Cyn & Raphael novella.
    I will definitely do my bit to help promote the interest in audio formats of your books, even though they’re not for me.
    As long as I can contniue to get mine in print, I’ll be happy!

  2. One of my Facebook pages (Love Books or some such) had a question, if you could be a vampire/werewolf, etc, who would you want to be… Me?
    I’d love to be Cyn… I just die everytime Rafeal says, “Cyn, my Cyn”
    I feel like someone has to say something equally shiver-inducing to me, someday …
    Love Lucan too, and Kellan, the idiot, too 🙂

  3. I’m a huge audiobook fan, so news that I can read while I’m sitting still, and listen while I exercise is a big thing. And we have a problem…I know the button you’re talking about. I’ve seen it many times on Amazon….but not on your book pages. I checked all of them. Are they going to be updated? Do I need to email someone. Let me know. With the right narrator, the series will be a definite hit!

    1. It’s weird, Jan. Sometimes the button is there and sometimes it’s not. I don’t know what Amazon’s trying to achieve!!

      1. I’m not sure what’s going on either. Just checked again, and now there’s an audio button, but only on Raphael’s paperback page. I clicked on it right away, as it may disappear again. 🙂

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