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Aden comparison covers only 500

The people at my new publisher, Belle Books Inc., have decided to let my readers pick the title color on ADEN! The poll will shut down early this week, so get your vote in. You can vote on FACEBOOK, you can comment below, or send me a Tweet @dbreynoldswrite. You can even email me, if you prefer. I’ll count them all. But please only vote ONCE!

And, by the way, a friend who is far more artistic than I am suggested that you view the covers separately, blocking out the others, to get a better sense of the color and contrast. And he’s right. If you view them one at a time, you get a very different view than if you look at all three together. Oh, and I love all of the colors equally, so don’t worry about which is my favorite.

And speaking of ADEN, I just sent my completed revisions back, so he’s progressing nicely. I can hardly wait to share him with all of you! And we have tons of cool release activities planned, from 7 days of giveaways, to a blog tour, interviews, you name it.

Halloween at the HavenAnd while we’re talking polls, I asked for suggestions about which of my many characters I should feature in my upcoming mini-short for PARANORMAL HAVEN’S HALLOWEEN AT THE HAVEN. The overwhelming winner? Juro and his twin (who, yes, has a name.) This made me smile, that Juro—big, tough, gruff Juro—and his equally tough but silent twin have captured your hearts.

I haven’t decided on the subject of my mini-short, yet. But I can tell you with certainty that Juro and his twin have a BIG role to play in the next full-length Cyn and Raphael novel (coming after VINCENT.) If I can figure out a short story that doesn’t spoil their star turn in that book, you’ll get your wish. Otherwise, the second place favorite, Mirabelle, will be featured. There’s a lot of curiosity about her, too. Oh, and those who’ve wondered what happened to Alexandra will soon get your wish, too. Not for the Haven, but soon.

Media Report! Movies … the only movie I watched this week was Pacific Rim. I’d already seen it in the theater, but I wanted it on my home system, where, frankly, the sound is better and I could actually understand the dialogue. Too many theaters have their mix set for the big booms and skip the dialogue altogether. As a former dialogue editor, this pisses me off! 😀 Anyway, I think it’s an excellent and fun movie. Sure, it’s not Shakespeare, but it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s giant robots killing giant lizards! What’s not to love?

Books … I updated MY GOODREADS PAGE and my 100 BOOKS IN A YEAR. I’m up to 112 for the year, not including novellas, which for some reason I’ve read quite a few of this year. As for what I’m reading now, it was kind of a rough week on a few fronts, so I re-read some of my old favorites instead of starting something new. One great thing (among many great things) about the Kindle is that I can bookmark all my favorite scenes and just skip from one to the next, or read them over and over. I was in my local Barnes Noble store the other day and got caught reading my Kindle instead of my Nook. LOL I’m in there a lot, so they all know me. But then the guy who caught me owns a Kindle, too, so … Hmmm.

Okay, I think that’s it for this week. I have outlines to write … for my mini-short, for the 2nd book of my new werewolf/demon series, for the next novella and for VINCENT! Wow. Guess I better get started.

Have a great week, everyone! And don’t forget to VOTE on ADEN’s cover!


28 thoughts on “ADEN! Pick a Color …”

  1. I’d go with red. I think the green is a couple of shades off. Is the title font set in stone?
    Also, will you be checking out the premiere of Dracula after Grimm this week?

    Have a great week!

  2. Dear Ms Reynolds,
    I love all your books…. cant wait to read Aden.
    I think the red looks good and strong…although i am a purple fan…

    Best wishes

  3. Short answer: the green. It depends on what you are trying to highlight. We are prone to vote for the red because that is the color that has been shown with all the preliminary shots of the cover (and would be my second choice). Both the purple and the red seem to accentuate the tattoo more than the title. The green seems to pop more as the sky in the background is a similar color. I know a lot of your titles/name are white, but I think your name should be the same color as the title. Raphael and Hunted (and the original cover for Aden) have a lot more impact using the same color–as long as the color doesn’t run through the background (like the red dress in Rajmund (his name stands out, but yours doesn’t). Well, you did ask. 🙂 Good luck.

  4. I love the Green the best, second is Red. There is just something about the green cover that like the looks of the best.

    1. Agree, though purple is my favorite color. Red’s the color of blood, and vamps are all about blood! For me, purple and green don’t work for vamps. 😉

  5. I love them all – but I would pick the green….followed by the red, then the fuchia

    I’m getting excited about the book too

  6. Green. LOVE it! Red would be a second choice though, but the green is striking. Thanks for letting us weigh in Donna!

  7. I think any of the colors will work but I would probably go with the Red. It seems to be appropriate for the story.

  8. They all look nice but I vote for red since is the color of blood, blood which in turn gives immotality to our favorite Vampires, also I like the one that it has your name withe red tetters too I think tha’ts my favorite!

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