Aden-full-flat-revisedRevisions can be a bad thing. They make you lose words (and sometimes entire scenes!) that you love and cherish, rewrite other ones, and they can be a lot of small fixes that need to be done but take so much time!

However … revisions are the sweetest, most welcome thing in the world when you were worried your book wouldn’t release on schedule, because they mean it’s in the pipeline and it WILL BE OUT IN NOVEMBER as promised. Sweet.

And speaking of sweet things, I want to thank ALL OF MY WONDERFUL READERS who made ADEN #1 on GoodReads’ List of Most Anticipated Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Books for Late 2013! Special thanks to Karen Roma and The Book Chick Blog Reviews who really rallied readers, friends and strangers to get the vote out! By the way, if you want to give him a boost, you can still vote by following the link. Let’s pad that #1!

And just to say thank you, and because I’m soooo happy, and so much in love with Aden all over again, I have a teeny, tiny snippet to share.
Her eyes went wide in surprise, but then she wrapped her legs around his hips, tightening her hold possessively. “Are you going to tease me again?” she asked with mock severity.
“No,” he said thoughtfully. “I’m just going to fuck you until you scream.”

Hmmm, guess you’ll have to wait for the book to read about the screaming part. 🙂

Onward and upward … once I complete the ADEN revisions (this week) I’ll be turning to a short story for Paranormal Haven’s HALLOWEEN AT THE HAVEN. Lots going on there this year as always, but my personal participation will be on October 30, and as always, I’ll be writing something new and Octoberish. I just have one question, and I make no promises, but … if you could have a story which featured one of the SUPPORTING CHARACTERS, which one would it be? That means not the Vampire Lords and not their mates. You can post it here on my blog, or email me at OR, or you can tell me in a comment to this post on Facebook. I have an idea, but figured I’d see what you all had to say first!

The DH and I actually saw TWO movies this week! Amazing! Only one was at the theater, and that was GRAVITY. I wasn’t too excited about seeing this one, because I’d seen the preview and figured it was going to be two people lost in space, dying and talking about meaningful issues, whereas, I’m more of an action/adventure type of girl. BUT…bad science issues aside (and I didn’t even need the wonderful and charming Neil Degrasse Tyson to tell me there WERE science issues) it was very good. Ironically, the DH, who really, really wanted to see it didn’t like it much, which shouldn’t amuse me as much as it does. But our taste in movies is so different. If you only knew how many Yugoslav prison movies I’ve sat through … (that’s a Woody Allen reference, we didn’t literally see any Yugoslav prison movies, it just felt like it sometimes. . ::snicker::)

The second movie we watched at home, on pay-per-view, and that was Now You See Me with Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Common … quite a list. I loved this movie and don’t understand why the critics were so harsh on it! It was great fun, with great visuals and some nice revenge thrown in. What’s not to like? Anyway, if you get a chance, catch it on PPV.

And as long as we’re on the small screen, SUPERNATURAL IS BACK! The Winchester Brothers are on the job again, and I just want to say … I think Dean is making a mistake by not telling Sam the truth, okay? 😀

Books … I re-read Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews earlier this week. That’s Andrea and Raphael’s book, and I loved it just as much, if not more, than the first time I read it. Great characters, great love story, great story. I really hope Ilona Andrews gives us another Raphael/Andrea book. In the meantime, I’m on to a new-to-me author, only 25% into the book, but enjoying it. I’ll have more to say once I’ve finished. And I really need to update my GoodReads shelf.

Alright, I’m off to do more revisions … oops, just one more thing. I have Buffy on as always, as I write. I’ve started over with Season 1, and I just have to say … young Angel sure was pretty. ::heavysigh::

Okay, NOW I’m really off to do more revisions. Have a good week!



6 thoughts on “REVISIONS!”

  1. Hi, D.b. !
    First of all, congratulations on Aden being the most anticipated PR/UF book. Well deserved. I cannot wait to read it!!
    To answer your question – I’d like to read the stories of ALL your characters but since I have to choose I’ll point out two. Honestly,how can I pick only one? It’s impossible 🙂 Anyway,I think I’d like to know more about Robbie. He’s very involved in Cyn’s life and I know he’s mated to one of Raphael’s vampires. Another character would be Dr. Peter Saephan. You haven’t told us much about him either.But since the choice is yours in the end,I can promise you I’ll read whatever you decide to put on paper.
    Have a wonderful week!!
    Hugs, xoxoxo

  2. Fantastic news re: Aden’s rise to fame on the Goodreads poll! We all know there’s no better book due for release later this year! OK, so I’m bias 😉
    Congratulations though, because if you weren’t such an amazing writer, you wouldn’t have the following you do.
    Naturally, Aden is close to my heart, but I would be anticipating the story even if he wasn’t.
    Now, for a short story character, I am definitely on board with Mihaela. It would be great to know more about Robbie or Dr Saephan, especially since they are human. I’m saving Juro and hoping he will get a full book down the track 😉
    But at the end of the day you know I will read whatever you write, I’m never disappointed.
    <3 Hugs from OZ <3

  3. Oh, please forgive me for not including a HUGE thank you for the lovely words, it is my absolute pleasure to promote your books!!

  4. Congrats on being #1 😀
    I would love a story about Juro or Juro’s brother. 😉 Pretty please with cherries, chocolate and whipped cream.
    LOL, I started watching Buffy again this week too.

  5. I would love to read how Mirabelle is doing in a short story. As for full stories I would love to read about Juro or Em, Rajmund second in command

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