Heart of the Wolf received its first official review this week from Paranormal Haven. Stephanie gave it FOUR drops of blood and an excellent review. Here’s a quote …

Heart of the Wolf is short and sweet. The characters are instantly likable and the story keeps the reader hooked from the start. I wished it would have been longer because I just didn’t get enough of these characters and if it turns into a series, I will definitely keep reading.

The e-novella is still doing well over at Siren, so thank you, everyone! There will also be a couple more reviews coming up. I’ll post the links when I have them.

A note to anyone who still (??) hasn’t read RAPHAEL or JABRIL, my publisher is running a holiday weekend sale with up to 40% off. You can check that one out HERE.

And speaking of great books, one of my favorite authors, Adrian Phoenix, released the first book in her new series this week. Be sure and check it out … Black Dust Mambo–another great story from the writer who brought us Dante Baptiste and the Maker’s Song books.

And, let’s see … oh, yeah there’s a new Vampire Vignette posted up above! It’s number four and finishes the story of Raphael and Cyn at the Leighton family gathering. So enjoy!

And a Happy July 4th to everyone in the U.S.



5 thoughts on “A NEW REVIEW AND …”

  1. Wow, what a great review. You must have done the happy dance when you read it. Congratulations!

    Speaking of dancing, thanks for Vignette #4. It was excellent. I smiled, smirked, and sighed my way through it.

  2. Loved Vignette 4!!! Cyn and Raphael!! Love them! And Duncan!!! I think there is so much more to Duncan then meets the page. I may just love him as much as Raphael…maybe more.

    I am really itchy for the RAJMUND book. Goodness I hope the Sophia book is out sooner. These long waits are driving me nuts. Thank goodness for the vignettes.

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