There’s a new review of HEART OF THE WOLF on the Paranormal Romance Blog. Go down the page a bit to July 5. Here’s a quote . . .

I have never read a werewolf book that had more insight into the wolf. There is a mystery (who is trying to kill Kathryn?), sexual tension (Oh yeah!), violence, action, and even sleazy characters, but the pay off is the love story. Werewolves know their mates and the pursuit is paramount.

And I’ve also joined a new blog. It’s called Flirty Author Bitches and I’ll be posting there the second Tuesday of every month, starting this Tuesday, July 13! This week’s post is an intro to me and my books, which most of you already know, but there are prizes to lure you into participating. So come by and say hello!

Other than that, we’re all just in a holding pattern waiting for RAJMUND! At least I am. The book is right on track for its July 30 release date and I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I’ve gone back to working on Book 4, Sophia, and I’m already jotting down scene notes for Book 5 which, by popular demand, will be Duncan’s book. Also, I’m talking to my publisher about putting out BOTH of those books next year, so my readers don’t have to wait so long between books.

Let’s see there’s something else …  oh yeah.  Happy Birthday to me.  Yuck.



12 thoughts on “A NEW REVIEW and A NEW BLOG too!”

  1. wow, what a great review. You’re writing is fantastic; you deserve all these kudos.

    And… sigh… only 17 more days until Rajmund. Hopefully the ebook version will be easy to find. That’s not always true when a book is first released and is especially so now that Fictionwise and Ereader are not very good any more. It seems Barnes and Noble purchased them just to close them down. Oh well I’m sure I’ll find it someone selling it.

    Congrat again!

    1. Joyce, ImaJinn sells a PDF e-version that’s actually available before the print version. And Fictionwise carries all of my Vampire books. Are they not working well?

  2. Happy Birthday, Donna!!!!! No “yuck”! Every year is a gift and a chance for wonderful.

    I am all for Sophia and Duncan to be published in the same year. Good grief, this past year waiting for Rajmund has been hell!

    I will check out the “Flirty Bitches”, looking forward to your post.

    Oh Yeah, nice review on PR blog. That reviewer knows her stuff.

  3. Oh My :O I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday. so…. Happy Birthday! Every birthday is a blessing and it sure beats the alternative. LOL

    I too vote for both books to be released in the same year. The waiting is hard but the vignettes have helped!

  4. I love the name of that blog. I’d sing you happy birthday but I wouldn’t want to ruin your day so……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day.

    1. You and me both on the singing thing. I love to sing, but only when no one’s listening … for THEIR sake!

      And thanks for the birthday wishes!

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