First things first. The winners of my one day Heart of the Wolf drawing are …

Carol S.

You each have five days to confirm the e-mail address for your prize! Contact me at dbreynoldswriter@aol.com and I’ll send your e-novella on its way. I’ve also sent e-mails to both of you confirming your win. Be sure and tell me which e-format you prefer. I’ve got them all! MSWord, Firefox, Adobe, EPUB, LIT and PRC.

I’m happy to say Heart of the Wolf seems to be selling well and I thank every one of you who picked it up from Siren. If you did read it, please rate it on the Siren website! Er, that is, if you liked it … a lot. If not … never mind! LOL

I also want to remind everyone about my GeekSpeak Interview! Be sure and check it out HERE! They’re hosting a giveaway of any one of my Vampires in America novels as part of the interview, so be sure and check it out soon.

And, don’t forget, Vampire Vignette #3 has one more week of visibility and then it’s bye-bye … oh, and a brand new Vampire Vignette #4 will make its debut appearance.

And after that … RAJMUND! My beautiful Rajmund will be showing up at the end of July right on schedule. I can hardly wait!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this, so I’m adding a note regarding Amazon pre-orders … My publisher ImaJinn Books is a small press publisher. Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders with small press publishers. The books don’t come up for sale until Amazon has them physically in their warehouse and inventoried, which is about two weeks after the official release date. But while there won’t be any pre-orders available, RAJMUND will definitely be on sale at Amazon in late July! The release date of 15 July is holding. That’s my publisher’s release date which puts the books available no later than 30 July. Honest! I’m as anxious as all of you to see my Rajmund in print!


8 thoughts on “HEART WINNERS and MORE!”

    1. I’ve added a note to my posting this week, because so many readers have asked me about this. Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders with small press publishers. They won’t offer the books for sale until they’re in the warehouse. Bummer, but true. But RAJMUND is definitely going to be on sale in late July. Definitely.

      1. I’ve added a note to my post this week, and I think I’ll be adding it to my permanent blog … somewhere. Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders on small press books. My publisher ImaJinn is small press, so … But RAJMUND is definitely going to be available in late July!!!!

  1. WHAT A” GOOD MORNING” SURPRISE!! Looking forward to reading HEART OF THE WOLF this week. Was on my way to buy it when I saw the post. THANKS
    Hey, I agree with Amy’s post. I have been looking on Amazon for Pre orders also. They are usually good for months in advance. It is not happening with Rajmund.

  2. Congrats to the contest winners!

    And yeah. We can’t wait to see Raj in print. 😉

  3. Good news on the sales figures — I hope the reviews fall right in line too 🙂

    That’s kind of a silly policy for Amazon, but *shrug*.

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