squinting in sunThis was me when I walked out my door Saturday morning!
running through the fieldsI delivered the ALLIANCE revisions at 6:00 am, Friday, so now I have a few days to relax, do a beta for a friend, search image websites for blue-eyed hunks, catch up on my reading (including the latest from Ilona Andrews,) and finish my taxes!! Yikes, that’s a lot to do in a few days.
property brothersChoppedFortunately, while I search for hunks I can catch up on my other two addictions. I have like fifteen episodes of each backed up on my DVR.
I also got my hair cut on Saturday, shorter than usual since it’s finally stopped falling out! I naturally have a lot of hair (on my head, that is) so my stylist assures me I still have plenty of hair. Hmmmm. At least it will grow back … in about a year!! Grrrr.
By the end of the week, I’ll be back to work, with copy edits, and planning for the new story. I also hope to have news about my special project soon. I can tell you this much … it’s a shifter story. Woot!
Okay, back to my hunk search … dark blond hair (longish,) dark blue eyes, big and built … while the raccoons thunder across my roof–what the hell are they doing up there??! And then some beta reading, and maybe a little Ilona Andrews before I fall asleep. Probably the most relaxing day I’ll have all week. 🙂
This is the last week of August (unbelievable but true.) Enjoy it, and I’ll see you back here next week, maybe with an ALLIANCE teaser. 🙂


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