Edited Vampire MinionIs this great or what? A vampire minion! I borrowed it from my fellow writer, L.M.David, but I don’t know who originated it. It looks awfully official, though. 🙂

I’m happy to say that ALLIANCE is with my beta readers now. I’ve cast my baby into the wild, and we’ll see what comes back. Before this, no one’s read any of it but me. :'(

Now, I wait, and while I wait, I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks on a new project, one I really love, and that I hope to share with my readers before too long. And after that, I have to figure out how to keep Raphael and Nick from killing each other while they search for the manacles that Cyn left behind. (bad Cyn!)

Sense8I’m taking a day (or in my case, a night) off first, though. I’m going to binge watch Sense8, which is a new series on NetFlix. Really unique and different. And once you get into it, you can’t stop.

So, I’m off to binge some more while I can, because tomorrow night, it’s time to write again.