A Birthday Break & Lots of Writing

chocolate cakeI had a great birthday day this past week, a visit to my stylist who makes my hair look much better than I ever can, then a movie and some shopping with my sister. And a fabulous dinner at the local Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Plus lots and lots of wonderful birthday greetings from my friends and readers, and I got flowers too!IMG_0214

But that was just one (terrific) day. The rest of the week was spent writing like crazy. I’m making great progress on ALLIANCE, editing, revising, even writing a couple of new scenes. I’m close enough to finishing that I’m already brainstorming the next Vampires project, which will be a new Cyn & Raphael e-novella that will transition to Nick’s spin-off series. The novella will have Cyn, Raphael, and Nick all working together (theoretically – heh, heh.)

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. First I have to finish ALLIANCE, so I’m going back to work (while the raccoons have a party on my roof – what DO they do up there??)

So have a great week, enjoy the hot weather, or keep out of the rain (depending on where you live,) and I’ll see you all back here next Monday morning.