4th, Drafts, and Data Wipes!

July 4 2015First, hope everyone here in the U.S. had a wonderful July 4th holiday weekend. There were lots of images and memes on FB, though I have to say that the one below was my favorite! lol treason day

I spent the weekend mostly working, since the DH was still recovering. Thank you for all your good wishes. He’s already much better, pretty much back to his usual self.GotG I didn’t work the whole time, though. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy on Saturday. And, maybe because I’ve spent the last week looking for continuities in my first draft, I noticed a discontinuity in Guardians. Near the end of the movie, when Quill (the adorable Chris Pratt)—-And by the way, you’ll notice I didn’t go for the cheap thrill of the fabulous abs shot, although I could have—-Anyway, he goes to hand the orb to Yondu (Michael Rooker,) and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) is on his right when he puts the orb behind his back, but in the next cut, when he hands it over, she’s on his left. Shocking, I know. OCD-R-Us. 😉

imacI also happened to buy a new iMac last week–going all Apple at last. And it forced me confront a problem I’ve been ignoring for awhile . . . all of the old PCs taking up space in the spare bedroom closet! Ugh. But I can’t just give or throw them away, because I’m too paranoid and/or compulsive about my data. Well, I finally did some research, and turned up a program called Darik’s Boot & Nuke, which works great. But the thing about Darik’s is that there’s no going back. Once it’s wiped, it’s gone. So you have to do a back-up if there’s any chance you’ll want your data, which, of course, I’m SURE I will. Well, my backup and wipe project is well underway. No more backups, only wipes left to do, and those are much faster. Just hit a key and come back after a few hours. Yes, hours, because Darik’s does a deep, multiple pass wipe.

Spade NookThere was Nook news this week, too. That’s my Kate Spade Nook cover–so cute! Unfortunately, B&N has never been able to make Nook profitable, losing over a billion dollars while they tried. B&N has a new CEO, and it’s likely he’ll discontinue the Nook. This is bad news for anyone who chose Nook as their e-reader, and has sunk lots of money into Nook books over the past several years. One wonders if they’ll continue to sell books in the Nook format, even if they no longer support the device? 🙁

USA womens SoccerAnd I can’t end this post without congratulating the marvelous U.S. Women’s Soccer team on their spectacular World Cup victory. What a great game they played!

Okay, that’s it for this morning. I can still get a couple of hours work done on the ALLIANCE manuscript, so I’m going back to that.

Have a great week, and Happy July!