little girl writingSo, I’m writing away on ALLIANCE (Vampires in America, Book 10) and I’m in the very early stages. My hero has met with Raphael, and a very hostile Cyn, in Malibu. And he’s traded info with Jared and Juro–with a little bit of dick measuring between them first! And now he’s back in Houston, because that’s where Anthony and the Southern Territory’s HQ is. At least for now.

But up ’til this point, he hasn’t met his heroine. This afternoon–at Starbuck’s naturally–I wrote their very first encounter, and I learned so much about my hero! It was like meeting him for the first time. So exciting. And so satisfying, too.

I’m still waiting for the final cover of DECEPTION, maybe this week. Or so I hear. Must be soon, because the cover reveal is February 20th, and I’d sure like to see it first! 😀

I saw one movie this week … John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves as a retired super-assassin who comes out of retirement when he’s pushed too far. I loved it!! Lots of great action and fight scenes. Lots of guns. And a surprisingly sweet sentimentality. My kind of movie.

Gucci glassesI also bought some cool, new computer glasses, prescription lenses, that is. I’m kind of a nut about glasses. I wear them all the time, and I have a lot of them. I was at my eye doctor’s the other day for something else, and I saw these totally impractical Gucci frames that I just loved. My husband hates them, although he doesn’t say that outright. He just gives me a bewildered smile when I wear them. Even the optician looked puzzled. lol But I like them, and since the only place I’ll ever wear them is sitting in my comfy chair and writing on my laptop … who cares? 🙂

I’m making the final reservations for my trip to Dallas in May, for the RT Booklovers Convention. I was happy this week to learn that one of my very favorite authors, Julie James, will be there, and she’ll be signing her new book, which will have just been released. A couple of her titles are on my Favorites shelf. I might have to be a total fan girl that weekend, and bring my books for her to sign. A couple of my other faves will be there, too. Of course, I’ll be signing VINCENT and DECEPTION, so I’ll have to sneak away, maybe put a “Be Right Back” sign on my table!

Okay, I’m going back to ALLIANCE. I want to learn more about … oh, yeah, you don’t know their names yet, do you? 🙂 My new Vampire Lord is Christian Duvall, and his lovely heroine is Natalie.

See you next week.


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  1. This sounds so great! And I also saw John Wick and friggin’ loved it!!!

    Now, here’s a drink to keep you going, hon *winks*

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