Deception Place HolderFor anyone who missed it, DECEPTION is now available for PREORDER on AMAZON. Only the Kindle version can be pre-ordered–it’s an Amazon thing. But once the book is released, it will be available in PRINT, as well as from other retailers.

The cover reveal is set for February 20th on GOODREADS, and I think my publisher has some fun stuff lined up for that, and for the release.

DECEPTION is the 9th Vampires in America book, and features Cyn & Raphael. You can read the back cover copy for DECEPTION here. DECEPTION is also the first book of The Vampire Wars, which is the new story arc of the series. It’s the war that Raphael’s been planning for, the war that the first eight books have been leading up to. The books will be a combination of known and new characters, with the Vampire Lords and their mates, whom we know and love, featured prominently in each book. I’ve mentioned that LUCAS has a guest spot in DECEPTION, and some of the other lords and mates have cameos, too. But make no mistake, the stars of this book are Cyn & Raphael.

After DECEPTION comes ALLIANCE, Vampires in America Book 10. In ALLIANCE, we’ll revisit the South and meet a new and powerful vampire. And ALLIANCE should be available at the end of November 2015. And after that I should be writing the next novella which will introduce my new spin-off series, which I’m really excited about.
dark and stormyI’ve been hard at work writing this week, but I also managed to do some reading and finally update MY GOODREADS CHALLENGE. I’ve read 18 books, which puts me 5 books ahead of the curve right now. That’s a good thing, because now that I’m focused on writing ALLIANCE, I won’t be reading as much.
Superbowl 2015And, of course, I also watched the Super Bowl. I love football. Friday night football games were the best part of high school … except for the frizzy hair that went along with them, ‘cuz the nights are damp on the California coast. 😀 This year’s Super Bowl was actually a really good game, which isn’t always the case. There was no local team in the game, but I confess I was cheering for the Patriots. The media frenzy surrounding the footballs went against my sense of fair play. If nothing else, this game proved that Tom Brady and the Pats don’t need a soft football to win a game.

And after the game? The best written show on television … The Black List. Just brilliant.

And now it’s back to writing for me. Buffy is on the TV, and ALLIANCE is just beginning. I’m still learning my new guy and his lovely mate, still getting a feel for the bad guy. But it’s gonna be as fun as it always is!

See you all next week with more info on the cover, I hope. Have a great week.



  1. I’m fascinated hearing about how you think and write about your new book characters… … Thinking about you writing in the middle of the night with a TV background of old Buffy shows is a story itself … Do the new ideas just flow out of your head endlessly ? I suppose fine tuning the stories is the hard part or maybe the most enjoyable part ?

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