Yep. With ADEN’s final revisions in, I took most of this week off. I still did some social media stuff and worked on gathering images for the trailers my publisher wants to create for my books. Turns out I’m sort of fussy about the pictures of my characters, so they asked me to pick them out. It means searching through hundreds of possible images for each character, but it’s one of those things I can multitask.
Hunted 80 pixelI posted this on Facebook, but I’ll say it here, too. My copies of the HUNTED Limited Edition print version arrived late Friday, so if you’re waiting for a contest giveaway that you won, the copies will go out on Monday, August 12.

While I was multitasking, going through image libraries, I watched a couple of movies … THE LAST STAND with Arnold Schwartznegger and Forrest Whittaker (and Johnny Knoxville, but he plays his usual idiot) which wasn’t bad. There were a few times when the movie relied on completely unlikely police actions, but overall it was fun. I also watched G.I.JOE:RETALIATION, the second GIJoe movie with Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum. This was better than the first one, which was an abomination, but whoever wrote it has no understanding at all of the procedures involved in launching nuclear weapons. Still, willing suspension of disbelief and all that, it wasn’t all bad. I also watched a whole bunch of HIGHLANDER episodes. It’s been so long since I watched the series that I don’t remember all of the story lines, so it’s almost fresh again. Oops, I think the one that’s on right now is the episode where Tessa dies. So very sad. :'(

And for the first time in a long time, I stayed up all night to read a book from start to finish. Usually, I’m too busy staying up writing my own to read someone else’s. But I picked up Julie Garwood’s The Ideal Man, and I couldn’t stop reading. It’s everything a Romantic Suspense is supposed to be—excellent characters, a great romance, and plenty of suspense—and I read it from start to finish. Loved it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to writing. I have a shifter story in my head, and my vampires are clamoring for attention again. Vampire lords are so demanding, and there’s still one whose story hasn’t been written. Vincent’s insisting on his fair share of time. Guess I’ll have to tell his story for him, huh?

In the meantime, keep watching Facebook and this space for more HUNTED giveaways, and I’ll see you back here next week.