DECEPTION large for blogLet’s start with a giveaway. I dropped in on Michelle Muto’s Facebook party yesterday, and left a giveaway. It’s good until Midnight tonight (3/9/15), so if you’d like a free e-book from my ViA series, including DECEPTION, or an audio book of RAPHAEL or JABRIL, this is your chance. All you have to do is comment on the FB post. And while you’re there, check out Michelle Muto’s new book, Shadow & Stone.

I have several events planned for the DECEPTION release, including lots of giveaways. But it’s too early to announce those dates yet. I spent some time this week, working on promo stuff, but I’m back to ALLIANCE. I’ll be writing full-out now, because my deadline is whispering in my clockWhile ALLIANCE is taking up my nights, unfortunately Uncle Sam is taking up my days. Ugh. Tax Time.

pomeritaIt’s not all fun and games, though . . . Oh, wait, yes it is! The DH and I went to a late lunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, and sat on the patio in the sunshine. And, yes, I thought about all my friends and family freezing their asses off on most of the continent. I wish Spring would finally spring for all of you. To console myself, I enjoyed an icy pomerita–that’s a margarita made with pomegranate juice. Tasty and tart. Yum. 🙂

Okay. Back to work. I think I’ll update my GoodReads page, then spend some time on ALLIANCE.

See you next week . . . DECEPTION is getting closer!!!!!



  1. Goos luck with the taxes love! The Margarita consolation sounds tremendous too 🙂

    Keep writing, ALLIANCE is calling my name 😉

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