EPIC 2015 winAden - 600x900x300Yes, good news this weekend! ADEN won the 2015 EPIC award for Best Paranormal Romance. EPIC’s eBook Awards recognize excellence in Electronic Publishing, and I’m thrilled to have won.

DECEPTION large for blogOnly two weeks until DECEPTION releases, and I can hardly wait. I’m so excited for all of you to read Cyn and Raphael’s newest adventure. I’ll have giveaways on this blog, and a few other sites, too. But more on those later.

Writers TearsAnd look what else I got this week! I’ve wanted to get my hands on some Writers Tears whiskey for a long time now, but they don’t import to the U.S. Lucky me, though, a friend was visiting family in London this month, and she brought me back two (count ’em TWO!) bottles. Now, I admit that part of the appeal is the distillery’s great name, but the whiskey is also pretty damn fine.

But booze wasn’t the only thing on my mind this week. I read some great books, which will show up on my GoodReads list before too much longer; and the DH and I watched a surprisingly good movie called Cleanskin, with Sean Bean and Charlotte Rampling, among others. And one of my favorite authors, Kristen Ashley, has a new book out today. SOARING just popped up on my Kindle, but I’ll have to wait a couple of hours to start reading, because I have to do some writing first. ALLIANCE showed up on GoodReads this week, so I figure I’d better finish writing it! 😀

St. PatsHave a good week, and on behalf of my Irish Gran … Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


3 thoughts on “ADEN WON!”

  1. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You deserved it and the series too …..You all deserved this award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep them coming and the stunning work you do…..Love you…and very proud of you and the VAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!hugs,love to all my Vamp and Mates…..

  2. Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot damn, woman! So proud of you, but so not surprised. Especially with ADEN, one of your finest. AND to top it off – that completely cool whisky! Whenever you’re writing an especially emotional scene, put it right next to the laptop. Much better than crying in your beer 😀

    Congrats, sweet lady. Can’t think of anybody more deserving. Sending lot of love and hugs,

  3. Wooo Hooo!!! You Go Girl!!! So very happy for you! In truth, all of your books deserve that award–too hard to pick just one. Waiting for Deception 😉

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