WRITING, with a pause for BEETLEJUICE

DRAGAN’s story is moving along nicely, although deadlines are beginning to loom large, and you know what that means …
The cave is beckoning! But not quite yet.

RWA Nationals are coming up in July in New York. I’ll be there for a long weekend, but before the meeting, I’ll be in Toronto, and after I’ll be in Washington, DC. I reeaaaally want to have DRAGAN finished before I leave, so I’m typing my little fingers off right now. It’s the gym, the grocery store, and back to my computer. With a special birthday exception.

No, not mine. This was my sister’s birthday, so some of us paid a visit to Beetle House to mingle with Jack Skellington, have dinner, and drink some BeetleJuice cocktails. More juice than tequila, but still tasty.

And then back to the computer, which is where I am now. DRAGAN is waiting, and he’s awfully pretty, so I’m going to spend the rest of the night with him.