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DUNCAN’s re-release will show up any day, but this is his new cover. Same guy, re-envisioned. Nice chest. 😉 I know some of you didn’t like this guy’s hair, but then some of you didn’t realize Duncan had long hair at all! I will say, however, that images of good looking blond men with long hair are difficult to find. Some day, when the rest of the world discovers my vampires, we’ll have a unique photo shoot and Duncan will be everything we hoped for. 🙂

A busy week for me, lots of writing. My head’s full of so many different stories. There’s UNFORGIVEN, the next Cyn & Raphael novella, but working with Cyn and Raphael is filling my head with scenes for their next book, which is a couple of projects down the road. And then there’s VINCENT. I worked out a major plot motivation for VINCENT this week, which is an exciting thing for a writer. So I have like three different stories running in my head. Fortunately, they’re all connected. No one wants a schizophrenic writer hanging around. LOL

I was so, so saddened when news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death hit the news yesterday. He was such a wonderful actor, and I enjoyed him in everything he did. He was one of those actors who made me want to see a movie just because he was in it. 46 years old and he’s gone. RIPPhillip Seymour Hoffman

But I don’t want to end on a sad note, so let’s talk about other stuff like …

The Super Bowl. I love football. I was going to talk about the game here, but it was too embarrassing. Let’s pretend that never happened.

Supernatural. I caught up with the Winchester boys this week. I’d been holding back the last three episodes, because they’re good for the elliptical. That is, they distract me while I’m exercising. So, it’s both good and bad that I caught up. Good, because it’s good for me to exercise, bad, because … well it’s the elliptical. (yuck!) I’m also keeping up with Bitten on SyFy, hanging in there for what’s a pretty slow start. The series is based on the book Bitten by the wonderful Kelley Armstrong, and I can assure you the BOOK didn’t start this sluggishly. But I’m hanging in there and hoping for the best. I’d love for the series to be a huge success, because Kelley deserves it.

Valentines 2014And finally, February happened this week! That means Valentine’s Day is near at hand. I have a couple of special things planned for Valentine’s Day and my readers, including a glimpse of life through the eyes of lingerie—yes, that’s right, I said lingerie. I don’t usually anthropomorphize, but a friend asked so I went for it. But I’m also doing a special Valentine’s Vampire Vignette and a contest. Valentine’s is a Friday, so look for a special blog post that week.

Oh dear, Buffy’s mom just died (again.) You know I’m writing a lot when I’m back to Buffy reruns in the background. 😀

And that’s my cue. Time to get back to UNFORGIVEN and VINCENT, because this writer, quite literally, never sleeps.


8 thoughts on “DUNCAN Redux”

  1. I’m thinking that all these revamped (pardon the pun) covers, are enticing me to buy a new set of VIA! I do love these books!

    1. I now have double sets of all of them, except for RAPHAEL!! Even I can’t get copies of the old cover.

    1. The best place for Brazil is probably the Book Depository, since they ship all over the world!


      O melhor lugar para você provavelmente é depósito de livros, desde que eles enviam para o mundo todo. 😉

  2. Everyone who knows me even a little knows that I love Duncan! He is and always be my best book boyfriend. And the hair is HIM! The sexiest thing I can think of is “He smiled as he finger-combed his hair back and tied it with a worn leather thong from the many scattered over the dresser top.” Yep, that just does it for me. No problem whatsoever with long blond vampire hotness (Not surprisingly Ethan of CLV does it for me too!)

    These covers are totally hot, Nice improvement (except I loved the other Raphael just as much). Now we just need the AUDIOBOOKS!!!!!

  3. What Steph said! (Let’s just say libraries do it for her big time – Hee) I’m thrilled the same model was used and done perfectly. Gorgeous!

    Losing PSH was a shock. Like you, he was a favorite and an extraordinary actor. Thank you for mentioning his passing. Sad…

    DYING to see what the lingerie has to say – and from where it’s saying it! LMAO

    Buffy in the background – cannot lose. I still cry at “The Body”.

    Trying to stay with Bitten as well. One must give genre at least 5 episodes to let it world-build. Appreciate the mention on the books being so good. One series that keeps getting pushed down a notch when a new shiny is dropped. So many, so little time…

    Oh! And know that it’s very much appreciated that you keep us up to date on the next big project. I love reading about your progress. By the time the book drops, I’m in a complete frenzy 🙂 So, stay healthy my friend. And much love.

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