Popin won April’s giveaway and a signed copy of RAPHAEL is on its way to her. There will be something different for May/June since so many of you have read RAPHAEL by now, and I’m going to have to come up with something new as a prize! Hmmmm. It’s too early for JABRIL giveaways yet, so I’ll have to put some thought into this. I’m thinking Amazon gift certificate. That ought to stir up some interest.

And speaking of Amazon, they’ve added a note to the RAPHAEL listing . . . “Order now, only 1 left (more on the way.)” Which means Amazon is just about sold out of their first RAPHAEL order! That’s got to be good, right? Of course, for all I know, their first order was only ten books! LOLOLOLOL But I’m thinking positively.

And speaking of positive thinking about good books, I read a great book over the weekend. Rob Thurman’s Deathwish, the latest in her Cal and Nick Leandros saga. This was rumored to be the last in the series, although they’ve put that rumor to rest by saying there will be three more books. I have to say, folks, that I thought Deathwish was just about the best book yet. I recommend this series to anyone who likes Urban Fantasy.

I hear the crack of the whip, which means back to writing.


2 thoughts on “APRIL GIVEAWAY and GOOD BOOKS!”

  1. Are you reading this comment? Where should you be? Yes, in front of your computer WRITING. HAHAHAHHA!

    Seriously, congrats on the Amazon 1 book remaining thing. A sellout! That’s outstanding.

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