Vincent Final dot fix - sized for blogVINCENT is here at last, and the great reviews are coming in. I have the best readers in the whole world. They don’t just love the books, they let everyone know about it, posting reviews on Amazon, and on so many blogs. My thanks to every one of you.

Here are the buy links I have so far.

AMAZON Paperback


AMAZON UK Paperback Nook

The paperback should be available at in the next couple of weeks. I’ll post a link when I have it. Kobo takes even longer to get the books up on their site. I’m not sure why, but they’re really slow. I’ll keep a look out.

DBR_BKMK_2014_VINCENT_1bDBR_BKMK_2014_NOVELLA_1aMy new VINCENT/UNFORGIVEN bookmarks came in over the weekend, too. VINCENT on one side, UNFORGIVEN on the other. If you’d like one of these, or any of my other bookmarks, you can find ordering information on my website HERE.

Also this week, I posted a new short story at PARANORMAL HAVEN. A story for Halloween and a RAFFLECOPTER, too.

One last piece of news … I have winners in the JABRIL Audio Giveaway.
……….Cherylynn A.
……….Kelly D-R
Both winners have been emailed and now have five (5) days from the date of this post to respond to the email, confirming their contact information (if they haven’t already.)

Vincent Blog Tour GraphicAnd finally this week starts the VINCENT blog tour, with lots of interviews and other stuff, plus a cool RAFFLECOPTER giveaway that includes books and Amazon gift certificates. Keep an eye out here and on FB and Twitter. I’ll post my blog appearances as they happen.

You can find the RAFFLECOPTER already at the PARANORMAL HAVEN post, and also at RomFan Reviews where I talk a little about where Vincent’s character came from.

And now it’s back to DECEPTION and NaNoWriMo for me. I’ll be back next week with more blog tour info, and a NaNo update, too.


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