Vincent Final dot fix - sized for blogVINCENT rolls on with lots of great reviews. Here’s one of my favorites…

“…. her vampires are just freaking magnificent!!! I won’t go into detail about Vincent and Lana’s love scenes, but I will say this…SMOKIN’ HOT!!! (and I’d like to take a shower with Vincent…that’s all I’m saying!).” —SWEPT AWAY BY ROMANCE

The VINCENT blog tour continues with several stops this week. I’ll post the sites on Facebook and Twitter as they appear. Don’t forget there’s a great Rafflecopter giveaway continuing through the blog tour with books and Amazon gift certificates as prizes.

I’ve also added Cyn and Lucia’s Haunted House story to my website under the Stories and Scenes tab. If you missed it during Paranormal Haven’s Halloween at the Haven this year, you can READ IT HERE.

Good news on the GoodReads Challenge front, I did it! My challenge was to read 150 books, and I’m now six books over my goal. Yay!
Participant-2014-Twitter-ProfileThat’s a good thing because I’m deep into NaNoWriMo and DECEPTION. It’s so great to write about Cyn and Raphael again. They’re where it all started, after all.

And that’s what I’ll be doing this week … writing, writing, writing.

I’ll see you all back here next Sunday, possibly with news about what’s next after DECEPTION.


3 thoughts on “VINCENT and BEYOND”

  1. Congrats on reaching your Reading Challenge goal, and what a great review!!

    Can’t wait for DECEPTION!!!

  2. First off, congrats on reaching your GR’s reading goal!! And I’m super fangirl excited that you chose my review from the “Swept Away by Romance” blog as one of your favorites, way cool!! I cannot wait for “Deception”!!!

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