For those who missed my post last night, look above and you’ll see Vampire Vignette #2 has begun its one week rerun. The Vignettes are written between the books and are designed to carry the overall story forward, which means they take place at times of the year which definitely don’t correspond to our present day reality. So, #1 is New Year’s Eve, Cyn and Raphael’s first New Year’s Eve, which is now more than a year in the past, likewise Vignette #2, which is their first Valentine’s Day.

Each of the Vignettes can be placed relative to the existing books. The new Vignette, which will appear on September 4 this year and be #6, will chronicle events which take place between the books SOPHIA and DUNCAN. Which reminds me, I should probably finish writing that! 😀

In other news, The Romance Reviews published a wonderful review of JABRIL this past week, naming it a Top Pick! Check it out!

And in still other news, the early reports from those few who have read DUNCAN, i.e., my wonderful critique partners, are excellent! Which makes me very happy. I started working on the cover with the artist last week–a process I’m sure she’s dreading, since I KNOW I’m a pain the in butt. But I’m excited to see Duncan’s cover taking shape.

Having successfully delivered DUNCAN and having my darling husband well and back home again, I tackled my long neglected “to-do” list and actually got some things done around the house and yard! Amazing. Not to worry, though, there are still plenty of items on the list to keep my busy, and my brain is already turning over ideas for LUCAS. It won’t be long and I’ll be back in writer mode once more.

I’m going to go read a book now. Yep. I’m going to stay up late, reading a good book. Cool.

Have a great week, enjoy the story of Cyn and Raphael’s first Valentine’s Day, and I’ll see you all right back here next Sunday.


5 thoughts on “VIGNETTE #2 AND A NEW REVIEW!”

  1. I kove this Vignette…I printed it and put it into the copy of Raphael on my shelf – I re-read it every once in awhile when I want to get my “love” fix.

  2. ms reynolds,
    I really enjoy your books.Ilove love raphael….so yummy…
    Can you indicate when ‘duncan’ book will be out so i can bookmark that date… it takes ages to get your books in malaysia…
    Kindest regards and best wishes…
    kam luen

    1. DUNCAN’s current release date is December 2011. He’ll show up on Kindle first, but the print versions should be available by December 15.

      Thanks for loving my vampires!


  3. Did I miss it? I thought I still had a day until the week was up. crap I really wanted to read it.

    thanks for writing them Donna.
    looking forward to Duncan!!!!


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