Okay, let’s start with first things … or third … Vignette #3 is up. For those of you who’ve never read it, #3 is the first of a two-part Vignette, the only one I’ve done that way. But no cliffhangers! 😀

And I’ve been killing my to-do list this week! I can actually walk into my spare bedroom without taking my life in my hands. 🙂 Woohoo!

But not all is to-do list in my life. I’ve also been working on Vignette #6 and the outline for LUCAS. Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll be writing Book 6! Hard to believe.

And speaking of televisions programs (we were, weren’t we?) I watched the new Cinemax series Strike Back this week. I’m a big fan of action/adventure Bourne type movies with lots of hut-hut action. And I loved this new series! They’re previewing Episode 2 on-line, so I didn’t have to wait ’til next week. Cool. Good looking, shirtless and/or naked guys running around with guns. Yay!

Hmm, also, I added a DUNCAN page up top, but it basically just gives the release date. I know what the book is about, obviously—and my critique partners loved it, by the way – yay! — but I have to figure out a tagline that doesn’t give away the story, because my publisher and I are keeping this one close to our vests (and our hearts!)

I finally updated my What I’m Reading Now page. I’ve actually been reading a lot of books, but since I only post the ones I can recommend … well, let’s just say a lot of the books I’ve read lately didn’t make the cut. But this week they did!

Hmmm, okay, one of my weird satellite channels has a Buffy marathon going on. I think I’m becoming a TV addict. This is not good. I better start writing soon! 😀

See you all right back here next week!


2 thoughts on “VIGNETTE #3 and OTHER EXCITING THINGS …”

  1. I guess Raphael and Duncan are my two favorite guys. They are yummy. Duncan seems like an all work and no play guy. Hope he finds his love in this book. Can’t wait for it to come out. Hope everything is back to normal at your house. Keep on writing.

  2. Nothing wrong with becoming a TV addict – for a little while, at least! Like, when they’ve having a Buffy marathon! I mean, is there such a thing as too much Spike??

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