Okay, so summer isn’t quite over, but almost. This is Labor Day Weekend in the U.S., the final 3-day weekend of the summer season. By the end of next week, all the kiddies will be back in school, which means beach parking will get much better in my neck in the woods, and my favorite fish shack won’t be so crowded during the week! Remember in RAPHAEL, when Cyn’s talking to the Police Sergeant and he says the Fall is the best season in Malibu? Well, it really is. 🙂

While I wait for everyone to go back to school, I’ve been taking notes on my next Vampires stories, both VINCENT (Book 8) and the new Vignettes. Although, it looks like the delay on ADEN will be minimal. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for. My fingers are still crossed on that, because I haven’t heard anything definitive. I do expect to have a cover for you before too long, though. Something beautiful to feast your eyes upon while you wait. This cover’s different than the previous covers, because we’d planned on re-doing all of the covers in conjunction with ADEN’s release. With Linda’s illness we won’t be doing that now, but we’re still going with the new cover style for ADEN. I hope you’ll like it.

Speaking of liking things, Book Junkies is soliciting nominations for their Book Junkies Choice awards. If you loved LUCAS, you can nominate him at SUBMIT A BOOK in the Paranormal Romance category, and if you loved HUNTED, you can nominate that one on the same link, SUBMIT A BOOK, but in the Romance Novella category!

Also, if you’d like to stop by and show some love for LUCAS, who already has a couple of nominations, you can do that at NOMINATED PARANORMAL ROMANCE, as of this writing, HUNTED hasn’t been nominated (yet) in the novella category–it’s a weird category–but I expect Cyn and Raphael’s new tale to be nominated soon, so you can check it out and give it some love if it’s there at NOMINATED NOVELLAS.

Whichever you do, thank you so much for helping my Vampires get all the love they deserve! 😀

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my to-do list during the day, and spending the nights with my cat shifters. I hope they find a publishing home when I’m finished, because I really love those guys. In this story, only males are shifters and the only shifters are cats—big, beautiful hunting cats with golden eyes, like this one. They’re not all black, though. The color of their fur is varied, as is the degree to which their eyes remain golden in the human form. Sweet.Cat w golden eyes

Oh, oh, I almost forgot! WINNERS! I’ve chosen the two winners of the HUNTED Limited Edition giveaway. I received lots and lots of entries, which was gratifying, and every single one of you got the name right. Well, some of you said both Miguel and Louis, but I counted those, too. Duncan turned both of them in the same year, but Miguel was his first. That’s why they hug when they see each other at the airport. Say it with me … Awwwwwwwww. <3 The winners have been notified by email and asked to provide a snail mailing address to receive their copy of HUNTED. And now that's really it for me this week. I'm off to cuddle with my shifters. Please keep Linda Kichline in your thoughts as she continues to recover. Peace out. xoxo DBR