Christian Final Cover5 Stars from Literary Addicts for CHRISTIAN!“Vivid imagery brings each and every scene to life as the well written passages and details capture the imagination, and the intriguing events sweep the readers along on a challenge that guarantees there is never a dull moment, while a few unexpected twists keep everyone on their toes.”

SP_500And SHIFTER PLANET got a great review from Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews “I’m really hoping that this is the start of a series, as at the end of the book I just wasn’t ready to let them go! The world building was wonderful, well detailed and easy to picture. If you’re a regular reader of sci-fi or paranormal romances and like some sexy scenes and intrigue on the side, this is definitely a book for you.”

DB Square Blue 300 dpi 126 for comp bannerAnd then there’s me over on StoryFinds talking about writing a Dark Hero, because you know all of my heroes are dark!

NaNoWinnerAnd finally … I did it. I won NaNoWriMo this year, which means I wrote 50,000 words in the month of November, along with probably a couple hundred thousand writers around the world. It’s a great start to the next book … now I just have to keep writing to finish it!

It’s almost December! The year is almost over with, but not yet, because there’s a surprise present for December, and that’s a very special sex scene which is going to be part of a special event from my publisher. I’ve wanted to write this scene for a while, so I’m excited to share it.

So, NaNo’s over, but I’m still working because deadlines are looming! Happy December, and I’ll see back here next Monday.