I’m living in a reno zone. The fun part was picking out the pretty tile and flooring, the shiny new lighting . . . But then came the demolition of the old stuff. All. Day. Long. I swear it felt like my whole house was shaking. And that’s not the end of it. I’m told it’s the baths and kitchen that make the most noise during demo, and they’re doing one bathroom at a time, for obvious reasons. Which means when they do the next one, my house will be shaking all over again. There’s plastic everywhere, with giant zippers to seal off the part of the house they’re not working on. Every time I slither through one of those narrow openings, I feel like I’m in an alien movie with some weird membrane. 😬 I keep telling myself, it’s all going to be beautiful.

If you’re like me, you’ve been getting lots of emails about the new EU privacy rules, aka GDPR. I’ve added a link to the PRIVACY POLICY for this website. Blog subscriptions have always included an “unsubscribe” option. So has my newsletter, which is handled through MailChimp and subject to their privacy policies. Future newsletters will include a link to those policies. And that’s it for the legal stuff.

I’m spending all of my writing time these days working on GABRIEL and Hana’s story. This image is sort of Hana, but without the long fingernail things. I’m still searching for the perfect Gabriel. But the story is going great! I love that this story is a crossover between my Stone Warriors and my Vampires. I’m always happy to spend time with Raphael and Cyn, putting them in new situations and seeing what happens. I’m loving it.

And, finally, it’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., the day we honor the many men and women who have fallen in service to this country. It’s important, in the midst of BBQ’s and beach parties, not to forget the real meaning of this day. Brave men and women gave their lives. Families lost their loved ones. They deserve to be remembered.

I’m going back to GABRIEL now. Have a wonderful last week of May, and I’ll see you back in here next weekend.