No, not my wedding anniversary, my blog anniversary. And how lame is that? My one year blog anniversary and it blew right by me. March 16th. This is PROOF that I’m buried in my writing. Sheesh. It would have been a perfect time for my next Vignette, too. Darn.

Vignette update, by the way … #3 is finished in first draft, which means … well, you can figure it out, right? Let me just say, if you want to read #2, you should do it soon.

And … SPOILER ALERT!! Someone posted a new review of Raphael on Amazon this week. She didn’t give it five stars, but I can deal with that. On the other hand, a little SPOILER ALERT warning might have been warranted. She totally gives away the ending of the first book!! Oh, well. You all have read it anyway, right? 🙂

However, in recognition of her comments, I’ve posted my OWN Spoiler Alert on my Vignettes. Readers will now be warned that the Vignettes “spoil” the books. See, who says you don’t learn anything after kindergarten? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Um, let’s see … ah, that’s right, BLOGMANIA! I’ll be participating in this hyperactive event on April 30th. 100 plus blogs all offering fabulous prizes! I haven’t decided what my giveaway will be yet, but it will definitely be faaaaaabulous! Or something.

And here’s an early bird checklist with tips for winning BIG!

I’m off to do more writing, but remember my on-going contest for this month … leave a comment and win a chance at the monthly giveaway. That’s in addition to the Blogmania giveaway which — whatever it is — will be good for ONLY that one day, April 30th. I’ll post more on that next week, plus … mmm, other things. 😉


5 thoughts on “I FORGOT MY ANNIVERSARY!!”

  1. I hate when I start reading something that doesn’t have a spoiler alert at the top and then I read something that gives away the ending. I still read the book of course if I wanted to to begin with I just hate when that happens. Congrats on your blog anniversary! I am horrible with dates I should probably write ours down too.

    See you at Blogmania!

  2. UGH, death to spoilers in reviews. Seriously, why do people do that???

    Congrats on your blogiversary. I honestly have no idea when I started mine, and since I moved over from Livejournal do I go by my start date there or on the new site? I’m so confused.

  3. Oooh! More fun snippets into the lives of the characters we love so well. Can’t wait to read.

    And belated happy anniversary!

  4. There are too many who feel a review has to be a break down of the whole book. I wish they’d learn to look at other aspects to analyise.

    Great post D, will have to make a date for Raphael.

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