I confess. When I really get into the book I’m writing, it’s difficult for me to surface for just about anything else. I begrudge every moment spent on anything that’s not my story. It takes me forever to read someone else’s book when I’m in this mode, a few pages a night just before I fall asleep. Although there are exceptions, like Patricia Briggs’ latest Mercy Thompson book. That one I blew through in two days. And then there’s taxes. Not that I WANT to take time for taxes, but, well, I must, so I do.

But I’m so deep into SOPHIA these days that I’m working on it in my head all the time. No matter what I’m doing–grocery shopping, having coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) with my husband, driving down the freeway (yikes!) … what I’m really doing is writing new scenes and refining the ones I’ve already written the night before. My husband knows the look on my face when that happens. I’m off with the “neckbiters” he says.

But let me tell you … it’s the best part of writing. When the story and the characters take over and the writing just flows from my fingers and onto the keyboard. It’s … joyous. That’s the only way I can describe it.

So I apologize, dear readers, if my blog posts aren’t terribly entertaining right now. I’m also in that phase of writing where I’m not doing much guest blogging or too many new interviews. That will come later this year when RAJMUND and the new werewolf novella both hit at once, in July/August. Then, you won’t be able to get rid of me, I’ll be so talkative!

In the meantime, though … I haven’t forgotten all of you. I am working on a new Vampire Vignette, in case anyone’s interested. A little story about Cyn and Raphael, one that proves he doesn’t just lust after her, he loves her, too. Awwwwww. And, by popular request, I’m going to take a page from television and do a brief re-run of all my Vignettes later this summer. So those of you who missed #1, this will be your chance!

And don’t forget I’m running a RAJMUND giveaway this month. Post a comment and get your name in the hat! And if you haven’t read RAPHAEL or JABRIL yet (???????) you can choose one of those instead.

I’m going back to SOPHIA now. It’s nearly 2:00 in the morning here, prime time for night owl writers!



PS Oh, and one more five star review on Amazon! Yay!

6 thoughts on “DEEP IN THE MODE”

  1. I’m the last person to want to drag you away from SOPHIA but I do look forward to the next vignette.

    Congrats on the new 5-star review! Well deserved as everyone who reads this blog will agree.

    I’ve been reading such crappy books lately. Bring on RAJMUND!! Some publishers must have jumped on the vampire/demon/werewolf bandwagon without giving a second thought to quality of writing. I want to shout it from the windows “I’m mad as hell, give me RAJMUND”

  2. I hear you! I was that way with Reaper.

    Although I’m no longer working on it and have temporarily shelved the sequel while working on the next WIP, I’m still not terribly blog motivated.

    So, I think that I’m going to post book teasers once or twice a month – Tuesday Teasers is what the Absolute Write board calls them. A few paragraphs or so of snippets from manuscripts past and present.

    Maybe a snippet of Sophia or Raj?

  3. Yay, another Vampire Vignette! Those are always nice little treats. I think once we get closer to Rajmund’s release I’ll start my reread of the first two books. I’ll make sure to post a review to get people in the mood.

  4. I’ll definitely take another vignette, and I’ll go over a post reviews on Amazon. I do actually mention your books every time someone asks me to recommend a book.

    Completely understand how you live in your story. I call commute time story time. I rework scenes in my head until they feel right while I’m driving.

  5. First of all, congrats on another great review.

    My head is always thinking about the current story. Going through scenes, dialog and characters. Especially action scenes. Trying to work out what looks the best in my head that I could translate well onto paper.

    I’m very happy I don’t have a blog at the moment. It’d be barren when I have something to write and think about, and full of inane thoughts when I don’t.

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