I took a break this week. Well, sort of. But I do have some news on DECEPTION. My publisher tells me it will be available for pre-order on January 26, with a cover reveal on Valentine’s Day. I sent my editor the back cover copy this week, and I’ve been searching image libraries after discussing the cover concept with my publisher’s team.
Rajmund - 600x900x300We’ve also gotten word from Audible that RAJMUND will soon be available in audio. Audible is very persnickety and won’t give us a head’s up on its release date, or even ping us when it’s released, but we know it’s in screening, which is the final step before release. So it should be very soon.

I’ve also begun working on the outline for ALLIANCE, Vampires in America Book 10, though that’s in the very early stages. Writing character backgrounds, descriptions, names, stuff like that. I’ll do the heavy work on that this coming week, and start writing soon after.

But having spent the last few months crushing against one deadline after the other, I took the last week to binge-watch my favorite TV shows and read some great books, including beta-reads for some excellent writers who also happen to be friends.

supernaturalFirst up, the binge watches … I caught up on SUPERNATURAL. There is nothing sweeter than watching multiple episodes of Dean and Sam back to back. And the 200th episode was great. I also caught up on The Mentalist—which is always fun, though I’m not sure I buy the “romance” between Jane and Lisbon. And Arrow, although I had to go on-line for the big Flash/Arrow fight, because it aired on Flash rather than Arrow, and I don’t record Flash.

And then there are the books! One of the best things about being a writer is getting to read beta copies of great books that happen to be written by friends.
naturesfifth_cvr-2I read this anthology a few weeks ago, but I’ve waited ’til now, so you could share the pleasure of these terrific stories. It’s by Michelle Muto, one of the many successful writers from my on-line writing group, the OWG from Kelley Armstrong’s now-defunct forum board. Michelle is a friend and one of my beta readers. She’s also a wonderful writer. If you like creepy stories, and one story that is eerie but will make you cry, you HAVE to read this anthology. Every story in it is gripping and exceedingly well written.

joined-all-4-e1408557353731The other book I beta-read this week is LIES RIPPED OPEN, which is Book 5 of the Hellequin Chronicles, written by Steve McHugh, another incredibly talented and imaginative writer, another former OWG’er and, I’m happy to say, my second OWG beta reader. Steve’s fourth book PRISON OF HOPE, is currently available for preorder (no cover yet.) I’ve read that one, too! Suh-weet! And now I’ve read LIES RIPPED OPEN, which is maybe the best one yet and won’t be released until August of this year. This is such a great series. If you love dark urban fantasy with lots of action, you’ll want to check out Steve’s books.

And, finally, one of the great joys of life for a bookworm—which I definitely am—is staying up all night long to finish a book. It can be a great book, or simply one that snags your attention. I’ll be updating my GoodReads book challenge soon. I have lots of books to add, a great start to my new year’s challenge.

Okay, I’m actually going to sleep tonight. What a concept!

Happy MLK Day to those in the U.S., enjoy your 3-day weekend if you’ve got one, and I’ll see you all next week with more updates and info.


2 thoughts on “MY WEEK OFF”

  1. Taking a break can be really needed and you deserved it with yourfull schedule… thought to me it’s seem your break was quite short when i see the news you have for us you did work too^^
    But i’m glad to could make some other things you enjoy…; i haven’t watched supernatural but my brother is addicted to Arrow ( and now i discover it missed the episode because Flash is not on tv in my country yet hehe i will have something on him now, thanks^^)

  2. Glad you took some time for a Dean and Sammy-a-thon. That’s always a huge treat. And Arrow! Stephen Amell is damn near the perfect man. Sigh….

    So excited about DECEPTION! Already promo-ing the hell out of it with my groups. Can’t wait for the V-day cover reveal! (Preorder is a given:)

    Lastly, thanks for the book recs. Have Steve on my TBR but then a new shiny comes along and off I go. Definitely getting bumped up.

    Stay healthy, my friend!

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