DECEPTION IS COMING 31_edited-2It’s official. DECEPTION is supposed to be up for preorder sometime TODAY! Squeee! I was hoping to include the book description on this blog post, but couldn’t get the go-ahead in time. I’ll post it as soon as it’s official. The revisions are done, the line edit is done … we’re almost there. The cover reveal will be February 13th, and the release date is March 31st.

I will say that this book is Cyn & Raphael, with a liberal dose of Lucas, and some cameos from several other lords and/or their mates. And the word I’m hearing back from my wonderful beta readers and my editor is all good. Oh, and we finally learn the name of Juro’s twin brother. 🙂Rajmund - 600x900x300I also heard from my publisher about RAJMUND. His audio book is in the “screening” stage, which is the equivalent of proofreading for an audio book, so it shouldn’t be long now.

And I’m already hard at work on ALLIANCE, Book 10 of Vampires in America. The vampire war that starts in DECEPTION comes to the South in ALLIANCE. Vincent and Lana will be revisited, as will a new and powerful vampire who might just be the next lord, if he can stay alive long enough. That’s the plan anyway. I’ve just started, so anything goes. By the way, I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy on my HDTV while I write these days. Legolas is so damn pretty, who needs sound? Though I’ll probably switch back to Buffy once I begin the hardcore writing. It’s tradition, and we writers are a superstitious lot.

I watched some TV this week and also went to a movie. JUSTIFIED began its final season. It’s a much darker tone this season. Everyone’s angry and disillusioned. Raylon and Boyd are more enemies than friends, and sweet Ava is a hardened ex-con. I don’t buy Rachel Brooks as Art’s replacement, even temporarily, but okay. I’m watching this season with a hand over my eyes, peeking at the screen through my fingers because I’m so afraid Raylon is never going to see his baby girl. I’m also really loving STALKER, the new series with Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q. It is such a creepy show! I love it! I’m liking GRIMM this season, too. Ever since they let Nick Burkhardt (the Grimm) become a badass, the series has gotten much better. I’m still hoping to get rid of Juliet, but since she’s now apparently a hexenbiest, there will probably be no getting rid of her.

I took an afternoon to sit in the darkened theater of my local cinema and watch Black Hat with the beautiful Chris Hemsworth. It wasn’t a great movie, although it was worth watching for him alone. Typical of director Michael Mann, however, it emphasized the visual over everything else. Not enough attention was paid to the story or even the dialogue, which was aimed too much at geeks. There was lots of computer babble, and the audio mix didn’t bring out the dialogue enough to be easily understood. I personally enjoyed it, but I can see why others wouldn’t. It will probably do well in video release.

And books … I keep adding books to the “Books Read 2015” folder on my Kindle, but I really have to update my GoodReads list. I’ll add that to my to-do list for the week. I did make the final travel arrangements for the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas,Texas this year. May 13-17 at the Hyatt Regency. There will be a Giant Book Fair on Saturday, and I’ll be there signing books for anyone who’s in the area. You don’t have to register for the Con to attend the Book Fair.

Okay back to ALLIANCE for me. A new and beautiful vampire is waiting for me to tell his story. Details to follow. 😉

I’ll see you back here soon, with updates on DECEPTION.


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