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The great reviews keep coming in for DAMIAN! I’m so excited that this book will soon be getting out there to my readers. But in the meantime, here are reviews from both Dorsey and Karla at Swept Away by Romance.

Dorsey says … 5 Warrior God Stars!!!
“I have to admit, I really didn’t think I would like this new series as much as I LOVE the ViA series….boy was I WRONG!! I loved the storyline, the camaraderie, the bantering, the humor, and most especially Damian!!!!”

And Karla says … 5 Stars!
Chalk up another win for this brilliant author!

Witty banter, tons of action and sizzling chemistry are woven into an engaging and compelling plot that sets the tone for what promises to be a fantastic new series by this talented and very clever author.

And then there was this …
helicoper over fire June 2016Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows we had a significant wildfire in our canyon this weekend, but thanks to our courageous and tireless firefighters, the blaze is nearly 100% contained and not a single house was damaged. Look at THESE PICTURES, people! And you’ll see just how hard they worked to keep people, animals, and houses all safe. This could have been so much worse. So, we’re just glad to be living under blue skies, with no ash or smoke filling the air, and no worries about leaving our home and not coming back again!


In closing, just a reminder that we’ve got some fun stuff planned for DAMIAN’s release. I’ll be posting the details next Monday, because next Wednesday, June 15th, will be DAMIAN’s day!!

Have a great week, and get ready to read!