MemorialDayMemorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in the U.S. and always a 3-day weekend. But let us not forget that the reason for the holiday is to remember the many sacrifices made by our military men and women over the years. Too many made the ultimate sacrifice, and too many are still at risk today. So, while you’re enjoying your holiday, remember those who have made it possible.

I’ve been a little under the weather this week. It happens when I finish a book. It used to happen when I worked in sound, and when I was in college, too. You work your ass off, no sleep, not enough exercise, while you’re finishing the project, and then once it’s done, your body says, “Okay, that’s it. I need a break. I’m going to bed.” LOL On the plus side, my schedule is such that I can go to bed for a couple of days and the world keeps ticking without me. The DH is very understanding. He basically just goes to bed with me and reads. He likes to keep me company. 🙂

I did some editing on VINCENT’s first draft, of course. I can’t go an entire week without playing with my guys! Also, my publisher is planning a blog tour for me in June. I don’t have details yet, hoping to get them this week. I’ll share as soon as I know.

BBB_Blogaversary_event300x300In the meantime, BITTEN BY BOOKS is having their HUGE 6-year Blogaversary Celebration, and yours truly is part of the fun. There’s a full print set of my books, including the novellas, signed, plus bookmarks, in one of the major prizes for Day 5. So be sure to CHECK IT OUT!

Big Screen (sort of) … I wanted to see Godzilla and, of course, the new X-Men, but the DH (who also happens to be a professor at a major university and hence a history geek) really isn’t into big monsters or mutants. So, we stayed home and watched Monument Men on our own relatively big screen. Excellent movie, by the way. But then, of course, I’m kind of a history geek, too. 🙂

This week I’ll be back to VINCENT’s edits and writing some shorts for the blog tour. But I’ll leave you with this … a sweet snippet from my lucious VINCENT.

Vincent walked out onto the balcony and stretched to his full height, heedless of the fact that he was completely naked. His house was on the very edge of a private compound, and his balcony looked out on nothing but silent desert. Although the balcony could have been in the middle of a busy city, and he wouldn’t have cared about that either.

That’s my boy!


2 thoughts on “MEMORIAL DAY 2014”

  1. Thanks, DB, for the reminder to take a moment, at the very least, between the burgers and mattress sales to honor our military men and women. Means a lot.

    That snippet got me good. Yep, I’m already madly in love with Vincent. Completely understand why it’s so hard to stop “playing” with him 🙂

    Godzilla! IKR? Huge part of my TV Generation childhood. Glad to hear Monument Men is good. History buffs here, too. Here’s something you’ll get a kick out of: We’ve started to rely on your mini movie reviews. Same taste. Ex: You were dead-on with I, Frankenstein. Decent pop-corner on BD but, not quite…there.

    Have a good weekend. Say hello to Vincent for us. We’re waiting….

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