Some weeks there just isn’t much happening.

I’m back in the cave after a brief sojourn into the sunshine to celebrate finishing VINCENT’s first draft. While in the sunshine, I ventured to the local theater to see Godzilla. Those of you who follow me on Facebook read about the weird couple who sat right next to me despite the COMPLETELY EMPTY theater. Irritating as hell. I, of course, moved. Maybe that was their plan all along. They wanted to sit in THAT row and THOSE seats. Whatever. I moved one row back and, believe me, it didn’t have any effect on my movie going experience. And if my soda happened to spill and all that sticky liquid rolled downhill to where they were sitting … well, hell, accidents happen don’t they? That’s why you should always give yourself plenty of space when picking where you’re going to sit in AN EMPTY THEATER!!!
So what did I think of the movie? First, if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read my review. Second, if you HAVE seen the movie and loved it and don’t want your enjoyment to be spoiled in hindsight, don’t read my review. So, here goes … the good: the CGI stuff was terrific, the fight sequences were terrific, especially at the end with Godzilla and the MUTOs. Godzilla’s atomic fire was so very cool, although it would have been prudent for the filmmakers to offer some explanation as to what it WAS for my less geeky friends. But still, the fights were great. The bad: MAJOR SPOILERS!!! (1) The first half was very slow as the filmmakers took for-effing-ever to get to the point. (2) Bryan Cranston dies in the first 15 minutes of the damn movie. The trailers absolutely made it seem as if he was the star, and I was stunned at his precipitous and permanent departure! (3) Once Cranston was gone, there was no one left to cheer for. The son was okay, but that whole trying to get home, keep missing each other angle got very tired, very fast. Also, I’m not at all sure that every member of the U.S. Army gets HALO training. In fact, I’m pretty sure they don’t. So, how come the son just happened to be qualified and why didn’t anyone ask if he was? (4) Ken Watanabe (Dr. Serizawa) is a fine actor, but his role was completely unnecessary, and his assistant, played by Sally Hawkins, was doubly so. What exactly was her purpose in the film? (5) I dislike anthropomorphism, especially as it pertains to giant, prehistoric lizards. Godzilla doesn’t give a rat’s ass about humans. He’s not the “savior” of San Francisco! Hell, he probably killed hundreds just by walking back to the harbor after everyone thought he was dead, not to mention the thousands killed during his battle with the MUTOs. And finally, (6) the giant radiating egg sac was gross. 😀

So having seen Godzilla and enjoyed most of the second half, I have now set my sites on X-Men. But first, I have to make some major strides toward the final editing of VINCENT, and that’s where I’ve been spending my nights this week. I exchanged some emails with my publisher earlier in the week. They’re setting up a blog tour of sorts for this summer, which will see me guest posting somewhere every couple of weeks as we move from the re-release of BETRAYED to the re-release of HUNTED, and the cover reveal for VINCENT, then the new novella UNFORGIVEN on 1 October, and finally VINCENT! on 1 November. I’ll use my guest posting to write some mini-short stories, and I’ll come up with a vignette or two also to help pass the long summer. Not to mention beginning the 9th(!!!) book of my Vampires in America, which will star none other than Cyn and Raphael! Yay!

I did watch GAME OF THRONES last night. MAJOR SPOILER!!! I’m pretty sure Tyrion isn’t going to bite the big one, so it will be interesting to see how he escapes and who makes it possible. I have to say that I knew when Oberyn started dancing around the Mountain that it wasn’t going to turn out well for him. Always make sure your opponent is d.e.a.d. before you start gloating. And I loved it when Sansa finally found her backbone and started plotting for her own interests instead of being tossed from one user to the next. Only two more episodes left, so it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll be left on the edges of our seats … AGAIN.

Okay, back to the cave with me for some serious editing. I’m loving starting all over with Vincent and Lana, watching them dance around each other before they (naturally) come together.

Happy June and have a great week!


3 thoughts on “WHAT TO TALK ABOUT?”

  1. i have just watch Godzilla over the weekend too and the theater was full. I also had the pleasure of sitting next to a family of 6! The kids were making a fuss until half way through they finally fall asleep and I thank my God.


    I find Left Brody as bland as a piece of white bread. Okay, my metaphor sucks. He is just not interesting at all.

    The scene whereby he blew up the (gross) egg sac, I was feeling weirdly sad. I told my hubby, ‘He killed the babies!!’

    And lastly, I thought I’m the only one who was thinking Godzilla just tramped all over the streets during his walk back to the sea. LoL.

  2. It’s not only in the movie theatre, or maybe its just me, but when I go into the rest rooms, there can be a whole wall of empty stalls and the person will choose the stall right next to me!!?? I’ve always wondered if they need “company” to “go”…

    Is it me? Am I the only one whose noticed this?? Its happened so often, its made me wonder…

  3. I’m a little slow on the take here but I saw Godzilla a few weeks ago. LOL, I totally agree with your review. I was on “vacation” here at home in So Cal attending a conference of sorts near LAX. There is a fab ArcLight theater near there so we saw three movies that week! First was Grand Budapest Hotel…very funny and well done. Next was Chef. I can’t rave enough about that movie!! If you haven’t seen it, Go! Last was Godzilla. Enough said.

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