Three weeks traveling on the northeastern part of the continent, visiting fellow writers and friends, taking part in RWA’s national convention, and ending up in Washington DC where I met with more friends and readers. Starting in Toronto where I visited with my good friend and wonderful writer, Angela Addams who showed me some of Toronto, before we had a mini-reunion with members of our writing group the OWG, which was on Kelley Armstrong’s original website. So many of those writers have gone on to publishing success. I’m both proud and grateful to have belonged. The picture above is Angie and I at Casa Loma, before we headed out for my first taste of poutine (delicious!) and my first tattoo which I love! The redness all went away–that’s just my pale skin which doesn’t like needles or anything else. I had to remove the clear bandage after a day, because my whole lower arm was beginning to look like raw chicken, from the adhesive. Gross. But the tattoo is beautiful!!And let’s not forget the day I walked all the way down to Blue Jay Stadium, in the heat and humidity, to see what looked like goblins from my hotel room window, only to discover they were just people. At least for the walk back I had a Starbuck’s frappuccino to keep me cool(ish.)

Then it was on to RWA New York, for a fabulous conference with so many writer friends, old and new. First there I am with the inestimable Damon Suede, who presented what might be the most useful lecture I’ve ever attended on creating and writing realistic characters. And then there’s Damon and I with our newly discovered child, paranormal romance author Tessa McFionn, who’s not really that short, as you can see in the third photo which is Julie Fine, Tessa McFionn, and I.
And finally on to beautiful Washington, DC, where I was lucky enough to finally meet the lovely and talented Nita Banks who makes all those beautiful book trailers for me, and so much else. I also had lunch x 2 with several readers, which is one of my favorite things to do. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve made after meeting up with them as readers.

But now, it’s back home to work, work, work. Although, truthfully, I don’t mind leaving the humidity behind on the other coast. No, the heat isn’t always dry in California, but it usually is, and when it’s not, it’s nowhere near as wet. Whew! No complaints, though. I had a wonderful time.

And now for book news!
GABRIEL has been selected as a Kindle monthly special by Amazon.com and Amazon.ca (Canada.) Only US$1.99 (or CDN$1.99) for the e-book through the month of August.

And, LACHLAN, remains a Kindle monthly special on Amazon.au (Australia.) AUD1.49 through the end of August.

And that’s it for now! I’m happy to say that Shifter Planet Book Two is in the publisher’s final stages of preparation, so it’s looking good for an early release (September?) I hope I’ll soon have a firm release date, a cover, and, oh yeah, the final title for you! 😀

And now I’m back to DRAGAN who’s been waiting patiently for me to finish his story. Have a great week, and I’ll see you right back here next Monday.