Hunted---Cyn-and-Raphael-hi-rezThe HUNTED blog tour is entering its final week. Play along and enter to win the grand prize of an autographed set of all the books and novellas thus far, plus 5 runners up will get their choice of any e-book from the series.

This week’s tour stops, the final ones of the tour, are:
7/29- Wicked Readings by Tawania
7/29- I Smell Sheep
7/30- My Secret Romance
7/31- Romance Junkies
7/31- Books-N-Kisses

July Fever badge 2Also on July 31 (which is OMG this Wednesday!) I’m dropping in on SOFIA GREY’s JULY FEVER with a discussion of vampires and summer nights, along with one of my favorite hot excerpts from JABRIL. I’m giving away an autographed, limited edition of HUNTED, plus there are weekly giveaways, too.

This being Sunday night, or Monday morning, I have to give my weekly True Blood after report. This week’s episode seemed awfully short, but maybe that’s because (1) I don’t care about Sam Merlotte and his shifter groupie, (2) I’m not crazy about the new assholey Alcide, and (3) Sookie and Warlow naked in the graveyard have zero chemistry. I liked the scenes in the vamp prison, and while I’m not crazy about the TV version of the Eric/Bill hierarchy, at least it’s interesting. And I guess the producers weren’t kidding when they said there’d be more than one death, huh? That made me sad. I am looking forward to next week, though, and hoping Eric kicks some major ass! You see, when Bill kills people, it just seems pissy and petulant. But when Eric does it … it’s effing kick ass hot! 😀

I got my dates confused this week. I was certain the new Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels’ book, MAGIC RISES, was out on 26 July. I even timed it so I’d finish the book I was reading on the 25th, and I eagerly took up my Kindle after a long night’s writing, expecting to find it waiting for me! But, no. It’s not out until July 30th! Noooooooo! My story has a happy outcome, though, because to console myself for the absence of MAGIC RISES, I went looking for something new to read from my TBR pile (or at least the folder of that name on my Kindle) and found PRIDE MATES by Jennifer Ashley. This series was recommended by my friend Stephanie Gradel at PARANORMAL HAVEN, and it’s wonderful. If you love Shifter stories, and I certainly do, you will love these books. Super sexy alpha male shifters, plus the occasional alpha female shifter, too, and lots of alpha humans to join with them. Ashley has created a fascinating Shifter society, blended it into the human world—or not, which the human government would prefer—and written wonderful stories. And best of all there are 5 novels and 6 novellas all lined up to read already, with the 6th novel due out next year.

No movies this week, although I am planning on seeing WOLVERINE this week. I’m not too crazy about the train clip they keep showing, but I’m always up for a good X-Men movie. I’d actually like to see Pacific Rim all over again. I don’t know why it’s not doing better than it is, I LOVED that movie!

Okay. I’m out for this week, but first I wanted to let you know that ADEN has his own page now, with a short one paragraph blurb about his story. Obviously, lots more to come, but he’s in the line-up! You can check it out HERE.

In the meantime, a huge thank you to all of you who are buying HUNTED, and to those of you who have reviewed it on Amazon and on GoodReads. I appreciate it so very, very much.

See you next week!

2 thoughts on “HUNTED BLOG TOUR – FINAL WEEK!”

  1. Jennifer Ashley writes some great books, no doubt. And they’re on Audible as well!
    You are dead on about True Blood.
    1. I was seriously hoping I missed something last week and Sookie and Warlow would turn out to be a dream sequence gone wrong. Almost a nightmare.
    2. Yeah. Eric is just better….at everything.
    3. Ripping a head off was anti-climactic for me. And Ms. Newlan is the person I love to hate. Her kiss this week was creepy…really creepy.
    4. And everything going on at Vamp Camp is so good, it’s eclipsing everything else… the vampire-vampire scene with Jessica was short, but pretty hot!

    Have a good week!

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