Here we go … 2019!

Do you think they had hoodies when Lachlan was a baby? Hmmmm, probably not. Hoods, yes. Hoodies, not so much. But it’s so damn difficult to find character images with longish dark hair that are still gorgeous men, and babies are always cute. 😇 During my writing breaks, I’ve been searching image libraries for both Lachlan and Dragan. Frustrating, but I’m working on it, and I WILL find the right ones.

Where in the world will DB be this year?

I’m sticking with North American in 2019. I have too much writing to do, too many books on the release schedule to spend too much time on an airplane. But I AM planning on having fun and meeting readers. I’m starting off in New York in July at the RWA National meeting. The Literacy Autographing event that’s always part of the meeting will be open to the public. (Details to follow.) There’s also a good chance I’ll be in Toronto for some time before the meeting. I’m hoping to set up something to meet readers while I’m there. I’ll also be moving on to Washington, DC after the meeting. More information to follow on that, too. And then in October 17-20, I’ll be taking part in the Shameless 2019 signing in Orlando, FL. And so far, that’s it. If anything else comes up, I’ll let you know.

Yes, I’m writing. LACHLAN will be finished this week, and off he’ll go to my lovely editor, Brenda. I’m sure she’s wondering where he is, which is why I’m getting right back to him.

One final word on my Holiday 2018 contests, the winners of both contests have responded, which means the contests are officially over. But don’t despair, Valentine’s Day will be here soon enough, and that’s always a big giveaway event. After all, I write Romance!!

Once last thing, I just received the audio book file for CHRISTIAN. This is the equivalent of a first draft, which I’ll listen to (as soon as I finish LACHLAN,) note audio edits, and send it back. After that, it’s usually a few weeks until Audible makes it available. I have zero control over the release date, neither does my publisher, but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out.

Hope you’re enjoying January so far. See you back here next week.