First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. As you can see by the countdown to the right, UNFORGIVEN’s release date has been moved to October 10. I received a phone call on Friday to let me know that there’d been an irrecoverable snafu in the production cycle. I was unhappy mostly for my readers who’d been promised a novella on October 1, and after waiting a whole year! Anyway, despite everyone’s best intentions, there’s no way the schedule can be recovered, so …

The good news . . . UNFORGIVEN won’t be ready, but I want my readers to get something new on 1 October, so I’m pushing up the date of the next Vampire Vignette. I’d originally planned this story as a flashback to UNFORGIVEN, but it works even better as a prequel. And since I wrote the story for Paranormal Haven’s annual Halloween at the Haven—which is where I’ll be on October 31 this year—I’ll just have to write something brand new for the Haven event. Which means, dear readers, you’ll get an extra story to compensate a little for the delay in UNFORGIVEN’s release.

In more good news, I’m told that UNFORGIVEN will be available for preorder from Amazon, which is cool. It’s already been posted to GOODREADS, so if you add it to your GoodReads “to be read” shelf, you’ll be notified as soon as it’s available.

UNFORGIVEN FINAL COVER TEASEYou’ll notice, btw, that there’s no cover yet—other than this pretty little tease which I smuggled in just for you. The cover is finished—I know this, because I’ve seen it!—but ImaJinn is planning a cover reveal on GoodReads for the 19th, with the UNFORGIVEN preorder launching at Amazon on the 24th, which happens to be the dark of the moon. A good night for Vampires and those who love them.

You might also notice that I’ve added a countdown widget for VINCENT up above. I’ve been ASSURED that VINCENT will release ON SCHEDULE on 1 November, and will also be available for preorder, though I’m not exactly sure about when the preorder button will happen. I’ll let you know. But VINCENT is also UP ON GOODREADS (albeit without a cover) so if you add it to your “to be read” shelf, you’ll be advised as soon as the cover is released AND when it goes up on preorder. Or so I’m told. This process is new to me, so I’m learning along with you.Jabril - 600x900x300 Even MORE good news … I’ve been advised that JABRIL’s recording has been completed, and I’ll have the proofing copy very soon, with the audio release expected in 3-5 weeks! Yay!

And finally, just for good measure, DECEPTION is up on GoodReads, too. This is way, way early. I mean, I’m still writing it! But you can put it on your “to be read” shelf, and it will motivate me even harder to watch the numbers grow. 🙂

I think that’s it for this week. Kind of a lot. But it means I need to get back to writing, since I need a new story for Halloween plus I need to finish Cyn & Raphael’s story for DECEPTION.

Oh, and … in a total fan girl squee moment, tonight I’ll be at the Hollywood Bowl, watching and listening to LINKIN PARK, THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS, and AFI! Squeeeeeee! (I did warn you about the squee.)

See you back here next week and I’ll tell you all about it!


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  1. can i just say how jealous i am on all counts!?!?

    enjoy the concert and cannot wait til all the words are available for us mere mortals *winks*

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