A quiet week in the Canyon, catching up on sleep. Although in my life, a quiet week means I’m back to staying up all night with Cyn and Raphael, whose book also includes a brand new love affair for a familiar character, which affair is just about to heat up. And, no, it’s probably not the character you think. There will, however, be a fresh Vignette in late October, and, yes, that probably will be the character you think. 🙂
Trace-of-Magic-600x900x300-200x300Before we move on to the snippet, though, I want to call your attention to a terrific book by a fellow Belle Books, Inc. author, Diana Pharaoh Francis. TRACE OF MAGIC is the first book of her new Diamond City Magic series, and it’s really good. If you love Urban Fantasy, you should definitely check it out.

And finally (and let’s face it, this is what you’re waiting for) I hinted last week that there might be a snippet this week. UNFORGIVEN is less than a month from release, and VINCENT only a month after that. Which makes this the perfect time for some snippage. Then I had to decide what to snippet, since there’s UNFORGIVEN, and VINCENT and DECEPTION. I’d like to say I put all the names on a target and threw darts, but no. UNFORGIVEN is a novella, and I’m always reluctant to snippet novellas. DECEPTION is still too raw and very much in progress … which leaves VINCENT—full-length novel, fully edited, and with lots of potential snips.

So now, a snippet of VINCENT. Enjoy!


Jerry and Vincent both emerged quickly, with Jerry coming over to stand next to her, while Vincent joined them a moment later.
“We’re a little over a quarter mile from the truck, as the crow flies,” Lana told him. “Unfortunately, we can’t fly . . .” Her words trailed off and she studied Vincent. “You can’t, can you?”
“Of course, not,” he said, appearing offended at the question. As if she hadn’t just seen him whammy a man with nothing but his voice and crash through a bolted door with a flick of his fingers. Not to mention the whole ripping out the throat part, but she supposed any strong man, with an equally strong stomach, could have done that.
“Just asking,” she said mildly, secretly pleased to have finally irked him. “Okay, so with this terrain, our walk is probably closer to a mile, and at night like this, it will be fairly rough going.”
“Darkness isn’t a problem for Jerry and me. Neither is the terrain. How about you?” he asked, eyeing her up and down.
“I’ve survived a hell of a lot worse,” she told him flatly, hoping he understood that the hell of a lot worse part included present company, namely him.
Vincent’s half grin told her he understood perfectly and rather enjoyed it. “Let’s get going then. You set the pace, Lana.”


I believe I mentioned a few months back that Lana enjoyed tormenting Vincent with her lack of interest. (heh, heh) I think we all know how that’s going to turn out.

Okay, back to Cyn and Raphael and the as yet unidentified lovers. Although, obviously I know who they are, it’s just all of you left in the dark. 😀

Have a great week.

8 thoughts on “A REC and a SNIPPET”

  1. Cute one, DB. Gives a nice feel for their dynamic. Ahhhh…exquisite anticipation.

    OK, it’s time for my perpetual semi-annual, “Shatner at Comic-Con” micro-trivia question: WHEN do we find out Juro’s twin brother’s name??! I’m going with Jiro. Too easy? But this is really bothering me. Hives, etc. So? A bone? Anything? *big grin*

  2. Goooo Lana, make him work :]
    that one will be fun to read.
    I think it will be Juro love story, he has a thing for Cyn’s friend, wright?

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