sad babyFirst of all, the 5-year Blogaversary Giveaway is officially closed to entries. As promised, I’ll announce the winners on next week’s blog. Good luck to everyone who entered!

In other news, my publisher emailed this week to say that recording of the audio versions of the books is now official underway. Woohoo! They needed me to clarify some names and such. As you all know I try hard to give my books an international flavor, with my vamps coming from all over the world. And that translates (no pun intended) into a whole bunch of names that aren’t exactly Mary and Tom. 🙂 But I’m excited. I sampled some of the narrator’s previous work and it’s wonderful.

If you’re keeping track of my 2014 Book Challenge, you’ll see that I’m slowly gaining ground. I was 15 books behind, now I’m only 10. That’s still a lot, but at least I’m moving in the right direction. Among the books I read this week were two of my favorite authors … Julie James’s IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING, and John Sandford’s newest Lucas Davenport/Prey novel, FIELD OF PREY. Both excellent!

No movies, but on the small screen, I’m riveted by THE BLACK LIST, which has some of the best writing on television. And I’m enjoying GRIMM, although they really need to move on from Adelaide and get a new villain. We’ve already been through her repertoire. And while I can empathize on the kidnapping of her child, the kid will be better off without her, and I’m ready for her to go … permanently. MARVEL: Agents of SHIELD is like watching a movie serial, which is fun, if somewhat frustrating. And, of course, there’s GAME OF THRONES, which has no resolution in sight … largely because even George R. R. Martin hasn’t written one. Gah! Also, CRISIS has pretty much lost me. I can’t remain interested in omnipotent bad guys.

And finally, VINCENT is soooo close to being finished. Soooooo close. And so to reward your patience and your willingness to read all the way through this blog post … here’s the very first official snippet, with the caveat that my editor hasn’t seen this manuscript yet, so everything is subject to change. Enjoy.

He wrapped the fingers of one hand around her hip and pulled her into the curve of his body, letting her feel the hard length of his arousal, covering her with his much greater weight.

“Vincent,” she whispered again, her body undulating against his, her fingers tangled in his hair.

And then her eyes flashed open and she froze.

Fuck. Vincent realized in a rush that she’d been asleep. Dreaming of him maybe—probably—but definitely more than half asleep. And she wasn’t happy to wake up in his arms.

Heh, heh.

Have a great week.


  1. I’m so glad to hear about the Audio book deal. Can’t wait!!! Do you get to have a say in who the narrator is? Can you at least tell us if it is going to be a man or a woman? I was just wondering because I listen to allot of audio books and I have found that a woman is a better narrator than a man. Because a woman can make their voices deep for a male character but male narrators have a difficult time sounding like a female.

    1. Hey Wendy! I did have some input on the narrator. Belle/ImaJinn was kind enough to send me the audition tapes and solicit my opinion, and I love the narrator! I can’t say who it is, but I can tell you the narrator is a woman. And I agree … I definitely prefer a female narrator. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming Audio versions of this brilliant series! Audio isn’t my preferred format, but I’m so glad you will be able to reach that audience too!
    And Vincent, here are no words to describe my impatience for this next book! I hope you realise you are guilty of me wishing my life away; as I’m always hoping the months will pass quickly so I can hold your next book in my hands!

  3. Audio! I’m so happy that things are moving forward. Keep us in the loop on release dates as they do get marked on my calendar. 🙂

  4. Wish I had a nickel for all the emails I’ve read that said, “WHEN are ViA going to be recorded? Dying here!” So, DB, outstanding news and, yay! Huge audience awaits. I so forgive your publishers for the scheduling thingie:)

    Crumbs from the Vincent table are like jewels trickling over my senses. Or some such shit. I loved it and thank you!

    Blacklist is fabulous, yes? The writing is, as you say, outstanding. James Spader, all ticks, rounded, and bald spotted…perfection.

    GoT will never end. I’ve had to come to terms with that. LOL Oh, and thank god this is the last season for True Blood. My last summer of watch and bitch. Still…no more Alexander will be tough. Ta and much love, C.

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