The winner of my 2018 Valentine’s Day contest has been notified and now has five (5) days to respond. If I don’t hear within 5 days, a new winner will be chosen and notified.

As for the contest answer … a lot of my readers thought the first kiss was after the fight in Kolinsky’s warehouse, but it wasn’t. The first time Raphael and Cyn kiss is actually in her bedroom when she’s changing clothes to get ready for Kolinsky’s. Raphael is lounging on her bed, watching. Here’s the scene.

“He shot off the bed faster than her eyes could follow, suddenly right in front of her, his eyes sleepy with lust, his voice so deep she could feel the vibration in her chest. “Was there a problem at the Judkins, Cyn?” His fingers slipped easily into the open waistband of her jeans, sliding beneath the fabric to caress her bare hip, his thumb insinuating itself beneath the band of her thong. It was such an intimate gesture, her breath caught in her throat as she looked up and met his black eyes. No, not black. Not now. They gleamed silver in the dim light.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I mean, no. It . . . it surprised me, that’s all,” she managed to say.

He lowered his head and ran his lips along her jaw, nuzzling first her ear, then her neck. The line of their bodies never touched, only his fingers stroking the smooth, naked skin of her hip. His lips touched hers gently, nudging her mouth open, his tongue circling, tasting her.”


I had really hoped to have a Quinn cover and book trailer this week, but the cover gods didn’t smile on me. They were very possibly frozen out by the deep temps and freeze warnings here in sunny (supposedly) Southern California. But soon!

I do have a book recommendation for my readers. BURNING KISS by my friend and fellow writer, Angela Addams, is up for pre-order. There’s nothing paranormal here, just a taut psychological thriller that explores the terrifying depths of the human psyche. Jade is a dark, deeply damaged heroine, a former prison therapist who specialized in counseling the most violent rapists, and who was a firm believer in rehabilitation . . . until one of her former patients came looking for her and found her best friend instead. Leaving her practice and years of research behind, she sets off on a vigilante pursuit of justice that eventually sucks her into a gruesome murder investigation. There’s a man hunting women on her old university campus, and the police have no real leads. But Jade doesn’t have to play by the rules. And she knows just how to entice a predator. You really should check this one out!

And now it’s back to Shifter Planet for me! Bad guys to defeat and swamp creatures to kill. See you next week, hopefully with QUINN!