Even More Contests!

Yep, I’m busy writing, so … more contests for you! This one is huge! I’ve teamed up with BookSweeps and more than thirty other fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of dark paranormal novels to two lucky winners, one of whom will also win a Kindle Fire! Go to the BookSweeps website to enter! This contest will end January 30th.

And my Valentine’s reader contest is still going on. I’m giving away a chance to name a character in the next Vampires in America book, which will be Book #12, as yet unnamed. You don’t get to name the main character or the book itself, but your character will be more than just a walk-on, which means you’ll have dialogue. The character can be human or vampire, your choice. The winner will be mentioned in the Acknowledgments, and will receive a signed, print copy of the book. The entry rules follow:

1. Send an email to dbreynoldswriter@gmail.com with VALENTINE 2017 on the subject line.
2. Return email address MUST BE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.
3. Include your first and last name in the body of the email.
4. All entries must be received by midnight, February 10, 2017.
5. One winner will be selected at random from among the entries received by the deadline.
6. Winner will be notified by return email, and will have five (5) days to respond, after which a new winner will be chosen.
7. One entry per person. All duplicate entries will be deleted.

There’s no need to describe your character now or when you enter. IF you win, I’ll let you know everything I need to know about your character, with plenty of time to respond. And that’s it. I figure only people who love my Vampires will want to have themselves (or someone they love) in the books.

And then this happened. We’ve had a lot of rain here lately. This week was almost non-stop, though yesterday was beautiful. Cold, but no rain, with a wild surf that had waves crashing into each other, throwing white water fifteen feet high, and with this weird cloud formation over the cliff (and no, that isn’t my truck.) It was a very conducive setting for writing, and for walking … all bundled up, of course.

But tonight the storms have returned, so I’m sitting here next to the fireplace, listening to the wind and rain (clicking away the occasional flash flood warning!) and writing the last few chapters of Kato. My writing always slows down at this point–almost as if I’m reluctant for the story to end. But deadlines loom, so I’m going back to work.

Don’t forget to enter the contests, and I’ll be back next week.