On SOPHIA, that is. I’m down to the last few scenes for Book #4. Of course, these last scenes are some of the hardest ones to write, because they’re full of blood and violence and moving fast! Plus the all-important Epilogue which will tantalize readers (as if you need more tantalizing) for DUNCAN, which comes next. And this is only the first draft of SOPHIA, but once it’s on paper, for me the story is truly gelled. I’ll squish it here and there, but my first drafts are fairly comprehensive and pretty clean. I’m too obsessive to let details or grammar slide, even in a first draft.

RAJMUND continues to be #1 in Dark Fantasy at Fictionwise.com. And my books are still holding onto 3 of the top 5 spots, although JABRIL has bumped RAPHAEL out of #3. RAPHAEL is now sitting behind JABRIL at #4.

Lord Raphael is not amused. 😉

And I’m totally thrilled to announce that RAPHAEL is the featured book this month at at Kelley Armstrong’s Book of the Month discussion. I’ll be hanging around answering questions and we’ll be giving away a book of the winner’s choice at the end of the month. All you have to do is join the discussion and you’re entered in the giveaway. In order to participate, you have to register for Kelley’s board, if you haven’t already, because that’s how they keep out spammers, but it’s quick and easy, so join me at Kelley Armstrong’s Forum.

I’m lining up a few new promos for coming months, including something very different for October. But that’s for later … much later.

One last thing … my publisher, ImaJinn Books, has a Labor Day sale going on this weekend. 10% off your order, both print and e, and including all three books by yours truly. Check it out!

And now, it’s back to SOPHIA. Raphael’s out for blood and I want to see what happens!



  1. I get a little thrill whenever I hear that SOPHIA is moving toward completion. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s months away from publication but I still get tingly with anticipation.

  2. Good thing Jabril is dead or Lord Raphael and Cyn would have to visit him about this insult!

    Like the reader above, I too get excited when you chat about the upcoming books. I sure am glad I only have months to wait and not a whole year for the next book. The deleted scenes and Vampire Vignettes help make the waiting easier too!

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