First things first, you’ll notice Vampire Vignette #4 has disappeared. Will it appear ever again? Only the shadow knows . . . and me, of course. I know, too. 😀

In its place, I’ve posted a scene deleted from the final version of RAJMUND — it shows Raphael and Cyn’s arrival at the airport (and Duncan, too) and Rajmund meeting them. I think it’s a great scene. There just wasn’t room for everything!

There are also a whole bunch of new RAJMUND reviews out this week. All of them good, I’m happy to say.

First, we’ve got Blog With Bite . . .

Vampire fans, run, don’t walk — and get this novel.

Next up, Paranormal Romance, with their vampire expert Dot Salvagin saying . . .

RAJMUND, the third installment in D.B.Reynolds Vampires In America, series does not disappoint one little bit. It has all the action and romance of the first two books (RAPHAEL[1] and JABRIL[2]). There are tantalizing surprises as the story unfolds. Raj is a totally hot, sexy, dangerous, alpha vampire.

And for my UK readers, there’s a new review at Amazon.UK by Gareth at Falcata Times . . .

. . .deliciously desirable for the reader, [it] will keep you entrenched within the hypnotic world of Dark Urban Fantasy.

All good stuff! And … my first book RAPHAEL is the Book of the Month at for September. I’ll be giving away a copy of one of my books as part of the activities. I’ll post a link and directions later this week. I hope to see you over there.

And, in case you’re wondering, SOPHIA is proceeding very nicely. I spent the last two nights writing sex scenes! It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it!


PS Actually it IS hard work!!

10 thoughts on “DELETED SCENES and LOTS OF REVIEWS!”

  1. Thank you for he deleted scene, I’m smiling as usual. I can almost imagine myself standing there listening to this conversation. This scene was very well done.

    I’m happy to hear that you are getting slamming reviews. You well deserve them for putting the love & tireless nights writing to entertain your readers.

    Have a great day or night (LOL)

  2. I read the deleated scenes. WOW! That would have been so good in the book! What is the matter with your publisher?? It is not an unnecessary bit of info. I know you are in contract for more books but as a devoted fan I must say I will be royally P.O.’d if they pull that sort of thing again.

    1. Dot S, hats off to you. Publishers need to let the author write the book the way they want. Because it was a great scene that spoke volumes.

    2. Now, now. My publisher does a terrific job and her editing input is always great. The cuts were made mostly in the interest of keeping the print book price down, which is a good thing. Rajmund is already the biggest of the three books. It was painful to make some of these cuts, but I always planned on putting the deleted scenes up here, so I knew my readers would see them eventually!

  3. What is a female “Lord” called (Sophia?)
    Goddess – Madame – Lordess?????
    Just curious!

  4. ms,reynolds i truly love your books but i have to get them from the lib. but i found out they have to order them from other county lib. and the only one i,ve read is rapheal ilove that vampire and a cold showder i found this book on that and i could not wait for u. forgive me if i put this in the wrong place heck all the few books i have are old and falling apart but i love them and keep on reading them your the best j.king ps keep it up a fan

    1. When you’re saying you love my books, there’s no such thing as the wrong place!! 😀 Thank you and I hope you get a hold of Jabril and Rajmund very soon!

  5. I love this deleted scene. It was nice having that little bit of extra insight into the characters and their interactions with each other. I imagine it must be very hard for both the publisher and the author to make these cuts. I’m glad I’m not the having to make the decisions!

    Thanks for posting the deleted scene for us.

  6. Wow it’s amazing what gets cut from a novel in the editing stages…great scene…set things up really well…too bad it couldn’t stay in the final version!

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