A visual peek, not a written one. I was working on new bookmarks with Laron at Ninth Moon this week, and we decided that even though we don’t have an actual cover yet for VINCENT, we didn’t want to leave him off the bookmark. There are certain details about him that I already know, so, here’s my new bookmark, with Vincent’s body … complete with tattoo. Obviously, there will be more detail on the book cover itself, hopefully with a clearer look at the tattoo which features the Mayan sun god, but let’s face it, Vincent’s bookmark body ain’t too shabby. 😉 You can click on the picture below for the full-size image.DBR_BKMK_2014_FT_1g

You can also check out the new bookmarks plus the all-new stickers on my BOOKMARKS PAGE, HERE.

In the meantime, I spent more time in the cave this week, both with VINCENT and CYN & RAPHAEL. I took a step back from VINCENT to do final revisions on UNFORGIVEN, which is the next Cyn & Raphael novella. That’s due to my editor at Belle on 1 April, so this is the final pass on that one. At least until I get it back from my editor. I always love writing about Cyn and Raphael. They were my first, and I love spending time with them.

Some of you may have heard about the earthquake that gave us all a rude awakening last Monday. Although in my case, I’d barely gotten to sleep after a long night in the cave. Cave’s aren’t a good place to be in a quake, so it was good that I was already in bed. We definitely felt it, though. The worst part about an earthquake, if you’ve been in a bad one—and I’ve been in three!—is waiting to see if it’s going to get worse or fade away. You never know until it stops. As such things go, however, this one wasn’t much. I was back to sleep 15 minutes later. 😀

No movies this week, although I caught my usual series . . . THE BLACKLIST (I so hope Elizabeth finally discovers who Tom really is, or isn’t, this week! Why did he want to adopt a baby? Weird.) INTELLIGENCE (pleeeeeze renew this!) JUSTIFIED (has anyone else noticed that this season is a little meaner? I can barely watch the bits with Ava, she’s gotten so hard!) BITTEN (the story finally seems to be coming together.) SUPERNATURAL (uh, oh. Dean.) CASTLE (yes, he’s still ruggedly handsome) HANNIBAL (weird!) And now I’ve been sucked into this new series CRISIS, mostly because Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) in it, although she’s no longer in the FBI. It’s really good so far, though. 😀

Books … I finished Kristen Ashley’s latest Colorado Mountain book, KALEIDOSCOPE. Not her best book (as others seem to agree) but still good. I loved Jacob Decker, but wasn’t sure what he saw in Emme, and the chapter structure was odd. But Ashley is always fun to read. Next up is Jennifer Ashley’s Feral Heat, which is a novella in her Shifters Unbound series. I’m still way behind on my challenge, so I need to do some serious reading.

Is that it for this week? Hmmmm, I think so.
Happy Spring to all of you, even though it doesn’t look much like Spring in lots of places.
See you all next week.