Another NaNoWriMo has begun ….

I almost forgot today was Sunday. Or rather early Monday morning, since that’s when I always post here. I was so focused on starting NaNo this morning, that the day of the week didn’t even register. Combine that with Halloween and the brain was fairly preoccupied today.

I’ve actually been working this week on a schedule for another rerun of my Vampire Vignettes, ending with a whole new story just in time for the holidays. I receive e-mails all the time from readers who read the books after the Vignettes got started and so missed out on the early ones, or sometimes on all of them completely. I’m still working out the timetable, but I’ll probably begin the reruns later this month and post a whole new story for New Year’s, since the very first Vignette was New Year’s Eve story. It doesn’t feel like an entire year has passed. Wow.

I still haven’t settled on a story theme yet, although I’m leaning toward Rajmund and Sarah this time around. Especially since Raphael and Cyn are featured prominently in Sophia’s story. If you all have any thoughts on the matter, I’d love to hear them, since the stories are for you, after all.

In case you’re wondering, SOPHIA has been sent off to my publisher (and to the artist, too — I can hardly wait!!) Duncan’s story is making more and more noise in my head, but he’ll just have to percolate a bit longer because this month is for NaNo and a brand new, never before tried, writing exercise by yours truly. I’m venturing into the world of teens. We’ll see how that works. :-/

Speaking of which, it’s 1:46 a.m., which means NaNo has well and truly started and I’ve got to make my words for the day!! Yay!!! I’m off ……

See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Another NaNoWriMo has begun ….”

  1. I’ve got to read more of the Vignettes as I’ve only read one to date. But meanwhile, my copy of Rajmund just came in the mail, so I have to try and sneak in a read between class work and NaNo.

  2. I would love a vignette wherein Rajmund during the time after he takes over the Northeast and while away from Sarah pines for her. That we didn’t see in the book and I really wanted him to grovel after he dropped her like a hot rock.

  3. Happy dance that Sophia with the publisher now as that means we’ll have the book in our hands sooner rather than later!

    hmmmm, I just don’t think that über vampires grovel. Maybe they let their mates know they love them or missed them; but grovel?

    Then again, what do I know. I’ve been married to the same wonderful fellow for 28 years so I’m out of practice with the “real” world. : )

  4. I just love Monday mornings because I know we will have something from you waiting.:) What a
    great idea about rerunning the Vignettes! I would love to read them again. As to which characters I’d like to spend more time with… I’d have to say it’s Cyn and Raphael.I know, I know, they are always the ones in the spolight. I do like Rajmund and Sara lots but Cyn and Raphael are still #1 for me. Honestly, I’ll take whatever you write because I’m hooked on all of your characters and books. I am so excited for Sophia!!! It can’t come out soon enough for me. Have a great week!!!!

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