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Just in time for Halloween, I just received the teaser page for ADEN. Enjoy!


. . . His heat against her still-naked back . . . the fresh soap scent of his skin. Aden’s arm reached around her and lifted a flogger from its hook. It was leather, a light brown suede that gave its multiple tails a deceptively soft appearance.

Aden dragged the soft suede across her naked skin. Her breath grew uneven, and her heart was going a mile a minute. But she wasn’t afraid.

Aden lowered his mouth to her ear. “Do you know what I thought when I laid eyes on you for the first time, Sidonie?”

Sid tried to come up with something clever, something to break the unbearable erotic tension that was freezing her in place. But she could only shake her head mutely.

“I thought how beautiful your pale skin would look under the lash,” he crooned, trailing the flogger down her body.

Without warning, he snapped the flogger in the air, letting her feel the barest kiss of suede against her thigh. Aden closed the small distance between them until his body was flush with hers. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back against his shoulder.

His lips closed over her neck, and she reached up, curving her fingers over the back of his head, caressing him, holding him against her.

“Let me show you, Sidonie.” His voice was deep, compelling . . . irresistible.

“Yes,” she breathed.

12 thoughts on “A SPECIAL HALLOWEEN TREAT from ADEN!”

  1. Thanks for the Halloween treat. Love that Aden’s a Dom. Looking ever so eagerly toward the end of November.

  2. wow, that is something I wasn’t expecting. I just hope book is not 50 Shades of Grey like, cos I did NOT like it at all.
    Still looking forwadr to put ny hands on Aden

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