I just spoke to my editor (okay, I admit it, I begged) and she tells me RAJMUND will release in July/August, maybe July … maybe August. So, it looks like you’ll be getting both Vampires and Werewolves from me this summer! I’ll keep you updated on the progress, but I was very excited to get the target dates and had to share!


9 thoughts on “RAJMUND RELEASE DATE … sort of”

  1. Woo Hoo! This is good news!! Hopefully they won’t drag their feet on the next book.

  2. Well, damn skippee!! That is great news, and will make for some amazing summer reading.

  3. I never realized until now that published authors go through the waiting stress too! I’m excited to hear about Rajmund…can’t wait!

    1. I’m thinking I’ll probably see the cover art in … June? I’ll post it as SOON as I have it, because I LOVE my covers!

      As for RAJMUND giveaways … why, yes, Stephanie, I WILL be having some giveaways. In fact, they’ll begin … TOMORROW!

      A new contest starts tomorrow morning and I’ll have fresh one every month after that!


  4. Hurray!!!! I can’t wait till July/August…I’m counting the days for it. I’m really addicted to Vampires In America series…I love the way you writes….winks. My favourite character is Raphael. I hope you can write more about him and cynthia as the first book story is quite short. Really can’t get enough reading about Raphael.

    1. Yeah, the first book is short … relatively speaking. Although, it didn’t feel that way when I was writing it! LOL

      I’m sure you’ve read JABRIL by now (right?) so you know it was longer. And RAJMUND is even longer yet, by about 20K words, depending on final edits, so there should be plenty of Raphael and Cyn there and in SOPHIA, too (that’s book 4.)

      Thanks for stopping by Jojo and for saying nice things!


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