Here’s the teaser page for JABRIL. I’ll check with my editor and see if I can post the first chapter, although it will probably just drive you nuts!! LOL

He’d hired her to torment Raphael, but revenge might be even sweeter . . . literally.

A soft knock sounded and Asim slipped into the room, glancing at his Sire before opening the door fully to admit the Leighton woman. Jabril tensed instinctively as she entered and he scented the faint but unmistakable whiff of Raphael that still clung to her skin, to the blood that ran in her veins. His hunger surged as she sauntered into the room, her long legs sliding like silk beneath a short leather skirt, breasts brazenly displayed. He imagined what it would be like to have her under him, those legs wrapped around his hips, his cock pounding her mercilessly, his teeth sinking into that smooth neck until her hot blood gushed down his throat. He grew hard at the thought, even harder when he imagined Raphael’s rage at the trespass. Of course, it was hardly his fault that Raphael left this one to wander about unprotected. The other vampire lord had to know how tempting she would be to his enemies. He stared at the woman through hooded eyes, feeling the press of fangs against the soft tissue of his gums as they responded to his body’s hunger.

“Ms. Leighton.” It came out as more of a growl than he’d intended and he saw her eyes widen slightly as she took in his obvious signs of arousal. Her scent changed, sweetened by the tinge of fear, and his arousal grew. He could be on her in the blink of an eye, long before she saw him coming, long before she drew the gun concealed next to her soft breast.

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  1. OMG D.B.,

    Is this a teaser or what ? Jabril sounds awesome already ! I can’t wait.

    Hurry up Aug. 15th !

    ~Gigi 🙂

  2. Any new news on the release date of imajinn? I have been haunting their website & still only shows the May books.
    Dying here!!!!! Can not wait to read it, also just want to double check that wont push back the release date w/fictionwise if they do not get it up?


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